ENTELEC is a user association focusing on communications and control technologies used by petroleum, natural gas, pipeline and electric utility companies. ENTELEC's primary goal is to provide education for its members. To achieve this goal ENTELEC provides an educational platform for these industries, including technical presentations, equipment, exhibits and networking opportunities during the annual ENTELEC Conference & Expo.

ENTELEC's History -
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Fourteen men representing ten petroleum companies in the field of electrical work and communications met in Fort Worth, Texas to discuss forming an organization which would foster the exchange of knowledge and experience and would enable them to do better jobs for their companies. PIEA, the Petroleum Industry Electrical Association was born. The first annual dues were $50 per company with an additional initiation fee of $10. The Fort-Worth Star Telegram reported on the first meeting, excerpts from which are quoted below:

“The Petroleum Industry Electrical Association came into existence on March 21 (1928) at Fort Worth, Texas, at a meeting of representatives of the various oil, gas and pipeline companies of the southwest.

“The new association will weld for mutual helpfulness the entire telephone, telegraph and electrical systems of the numerous oil, gas and pipeline companies, refineries and the entire cycle of the industry in the Southwest; later it is expected to extend it to embrace the entire country.

“The companies represented own and operate in excess of 100,000 miles of lines, including telephone and telegraph communications, uniting all the various branches of the Petroleum Industry in the Southwest.”

The first association magazine, Electrical News, was published in Electrical News, carried five ads; cost $0.50 and fifty copies were printed.
First “tradeshow” at the annual conference. The Friday afternoon meeting was a joint session of PIEA members and the sales representatives. About a hundred salesmen were present, and as each one was introduced, he gave a short talk on his product.
First time printed invitations were sent to attend the annual conference. The first registration fee, of $2.00, was charged. The fee included the banquet and floor show.
Keystone Pipe Line Company, under the supervision of E.B. Dunn, put into operation the first microwave communications system employed for pipe line use. It was 70 miles in length and used three terminals and two repeaters, all of which operated unattended.
The Board agreed the Association should be incorporated, a charter was granted under the State of Texas as of November 1, 1951.
PIEA celebrates its 25th Anniversary with record attendance of 1,082 and exhibits totaling one and a half million dollars.
Joseph E. Keller was appointed as General Counsel for PIEA.
PIEA Board holds its first mid-year meeting in an effort to expedite the accelerated work load handled at the annual conference.
PIEA celebrated its fiftieth anniversary and decided to reorganize itself completely. Among many changes that year, the board changed PIEA’s name to the Energy Telecommunications and Electrical Association, or ENTELEC.
Today, ENTELEC is known worldwide as the place for information for the energy telecommunications/information services professional. Each year ENTELEC holds a spring conference, three days of technical sessions, tutorials and seminars.