Silver Scribe Award

Each year, at the ENTELEC Spring Conference, the ENTELEC Technical Committee selects a technical white paper that they feel is the most complete and informative paper presented at the conference.  The prestigious award is known as the Silver Scribe. ENTELEC would like to congratulate our Silver Scribe Winners!   


ENTELEC 2017 Silver Scribe Winners:

The 2017 Silver Scribe –1st Place Winner is awarded to Brent McAdams, OleumTech Corporation, for his paper/presentation RF Fundamentals for IIoT”.  

The 2017 Silver Scribe – 2nd Place Winner is awarded to David Blanco, AutoSol, for his paper/presentation Creating Realistic Cyber Security Policies for Industrial Control Systems”. 

ENTELEC 2016 Silver Scribe Winners: 

The 2016 Silver Scribe – 1st Place Award Winner is awarded to Richard Hickey, Hilights Inc, for his paper/presentation Tower Compliance: Federal, State, and Local Statutes for Lighting, Marking, and Monitoring.  

The 2016 Silver Scribe – 2nd Place Award Winner is awarded to Duane Clementson, UTSI International Corporation, for his paper/presentation Multi-Faceted and Holistic Industrial Control System (ICS) Security”.  

The 2016 Silver Scribe – 3rd Place Award Winner is awarded to Stephen Hill, Emerson Remote Automation Solutions, for his paper/presentation SCADA - Putting the Parts Together.  

ENTELEC 2015 Silver Scribe Winners: 

Silver Scribe Award - Gold Winner  - awarded to Ivan Schonwald and Jaime Laguna, Alcatel-Lucent, for their paper/presentation Design Concepts for Building Secure, Reliable Mission Critical Communication Systems for Oil & Gas.

Silver Scribe Award– Silver Winner  - awarded to Shawn Cutter, Fielding Systems, LLC, for his paper/presentation The Value of IIoT Delivered Through the Cloud”.

 Silver Scribe Award– Bronze Winner -  awarded to Edward Nugent, PcVue Inc., for his paper/presentation “EFM SCADA Benefits Operations and Production Accounting”.