Associate Member Profiles

4RF USA Inc.

Sales /PR Contact: Sandi Kern
Phone: 585.594.0221
Fax: 585.594.0222

4RF provides licensed radio communications equipment in over 130 countries.  The Aprisa SR and SR+ PTM radios provide secure communications for telemetry and SCADA.  The Aprisa XE and FE PTP Microwave Links provide long distance communications..  The new Aprisa SR+ Migration Master Station (MMS) enables network upgrades at your pace.

ABB, Inc (Totalflow)

Sales Contact: Rebecca Waldo
Phone: 918.338.4714

ABB is one of the largest automation suppliers in the world, with over 300,000 flow computers and RTUs installed in oil and gas worldwide. The hardware and software within our flow computers and RTUs works seamlessly with ABB instrumentation and valve control for a complete solution to your measurement and automation needs.

Access Spectrum, LLC

Sales / PR Contact: John Vislosky
Sales Email:
Phone: 301.941.1110

Access Specturm, LLC leads a group of three licensees that hold the nationwide, unencumbered Upper 700 MHz A Block.  Ideal spectrum for the Critical  Infrastructure Industry given its propagation characteristics and favorable FCC Rules.  700 MHz A Block Licenses are for sale now which include North America, the Gulf of Mexico, and Alaska.

ADIX Communications, LLC

Sales Contact
: Guillermo E. Avina
Phone: 1-866-222-87-10
PR Contact: Alma Garcia
Phone: 1-866-222-87-10

ADIX Communications, LLC is a leading global provider of voice, video and data solutions to the oil and gas industry for Offshore and Onshore applications. ADIX design, Install, Train and repair Communications systems for harsh environments.

Alligator Communications


Sales/PR Contact: Darryl E. Parker
Phone: 408.327.0800
Fax: 408.327.0808

Alligator Communications is a manufacturer of SCADA Multiple Address Systems (MAS) and Narrow Band point-to -point Radio Links since 1991.  Alligator is an industry leader in innovative RF, Digital and software design.  Features include: protocol transparency, global frequency calibration, over-the-air changes, and automatic level control.

American Tower


Phone: 877.409.6966

American Tower is a leading independent owner, operator and developer of wireless communications infrastructure in the United States. We provide wireless and broadcast towers, managed rooftops, in-building and outdoor distributed antenna systems and other right-of-way options, small cell and Wi-Fi networks and services that speed network deployment. Our portfolio of over 52,000+ communications sites covers the major shale gas plays and remote oil and gas regions throughout the country. We understand the needs of the industry and offer a number of solutions to meet your business objectives. For information on how our solutions can help your business, visit


Sales Contact:
Rob Cotner
Sales Email:
Phone: 224.521.8486
PR Contact: 
Nicole Moreno
PR Email:
Phone: 224.521.4468

Anixter is a leading global supplier of communications and security products, electrical and electronic wire and cable, fasteners and other small components.  Anixter helps its customers specify solutions and make informed purchasing decisions around technologies, applications and relevant standards.  Throughout the world, Anixter provides innovative supply chain management solutions to reduce customers total cost of production and implementation.




Sales Contact: Suzzette Rainey
Phone: 281.286.6017
Fax: 281.286.6902

Today's SCADA and Measurement personnel face challenges in an ever-changing industry. Whether in Oil & Gas, Pipeline, or Wastewater - there is a constant struggle to maintain the current system, update to new technologies and add new devices as needed. AutoSol software products are designed to specifically solve the toughest data collection and delivery issues.

Aviat Networks

Sales Contact: Madaline Dinh

Phone: 408.567.6730
PR Contact:  Derek Handova
Phone:  408.567.6733

Aviat Networks, Inc (NASDAQ: AVNW) is a leading global provider of microwave networking solutions transforming communications networks to handle teh exploding growth of IP-centric, multi-Gigabit data services.  Aviat Networks provides LTE-proven microwave networking solutions to mobile operators, including some of the largest and most advanced 4G/LTE networks in the world.


BEC Technologies, Inc

Sales Contact: DÁndre Ladson
Phone: 972.422.0877 x 135

Fax: 972.422.0866

BEC Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of advanced broadbank network solutions focused on next generation wired & wireless IP services.  BEC develops and markets an extensive product portfolio integrating 3G, 4G/LTE, xDSL, VOIP, PON, Active Ethernet, HomePlug AV, HPNA, Wi-Fi, Centralized Management System, Rugged Industrial Ethernet and Smart Grid Technologies.

Berkana Resources Corporation

Contact: Jeff Whitney
Phone: 303.293.2193

Fax: 303.293.3764

Berkana Resources Corporation (BRC) provides integration, security, compliance and audit services to customers implementing, replacing, relocating or upgrading Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems.  As a vendor independent integrator, BRC provides these services to clients using a wide range of SCADA applications in the Oil & Gas, Water and Electric Utility markets.

Bipom Electronics, Inc

Sales Contact:  Oguz Murtezaoglu

Phone: 713.283.9970
PR Contact:  Alan Gow
Phone:  832.545.3201


BiPOM Electronics Inc., founded in 1984, is the leading provider of Microcontrollers for: Services: Design, development, consulting and manufacturing services Products:  Hardware, Boards, Development Systems and Programming support Education: Educational Institutions support BiPOM Electronics is the one source for all your microcontroller needs.



Sales Contact: Jill Krautbauer
Phone: 504.833.6728
PR Contact: Terri Grimm
Phone: 507.833.6766
Fax: 507.833.6748

CalAmp specializes in ruggedized wireless solutions from narrowband to broadband, using licensed, spread spectrum and cellular technology to support fixed and mobile connectivity for mission critical communications. CalAmp also offers world-class pre and post sales support to make planning, implementation, and maintenance of your wireless network easier with long-lasting results.

Cambium Networks


Sales Contact: J Kent Brown

Phone: 817.715.7477
PR Contact: Ellen Kosson
Phone: 847.640.3610
Fax: 847.439.6343

Cambium Networks is a leading global provider of wireless broadband solutions that connect the unconnected – People, Places and Things. Through its extensive portfolio of reliable, scalable and secure WiFi, fixed wireless broadband point-to-point (PTP) and point-to-multipoint (PMP) platforms; managed by cloud-based software, Cambium Networks makes it possible for service providers; enterprises; governmental and military agencies; oil, gas and utility companies; Internet service providers; and public safety networks to build powerful communications networks, reach users from 200 kilometers across mountain tops down to the last meter to their devices and intelligently manage their infrastructure through end-to-end network visibility and actionable analytics.

Carlson Wireless Technologies

Sales Contact
: Jim Carlson
Phone: 707.822.7000 x 106
PR Contact: Christine Ciarcia
Phone: 707.822.7000 x 114

Carlson Wireless Technologies, the leader in dynamic spectrum management, has developed the FCC certified RuralConnect®, that uses vacant TV channels to provide broadband radio links. This spectrum provides deep coverage for non-line-of-sight(NLOS), over hills and through foliage. Carlson also offers microwave radio products forleased line replacement voice delivery.




Sales Contact
: Kim Kobbe
Phone: 307.857.6737
Fax: 307.856.1499

Cerento is an
EPC Company  providing Engineering, Field Installation and Project Management for all communication needs and industries.  Cerento specializes in network infrastructure design and implementation of wireless communications in all 50 states.  Cerento has RF Implementation and Network Engineers as well as tower certified climbing teams and construction crews.

Commercial Wireless Solutions


Sales Contact: Mike Reyes
Phone: 281.904.6040
PR Contact: Laura Dujmovich
Phone: 281.682.1630
Fax: 713.472.9705

CWS is a Houston based wireless solutions provider that specializes in producing point to point, point to multi-point, 801.11N mesh indoor and outdoor, and 2-way digital voice solutions. Wireless project capabilities include ship to ship, electrical grid, wireless digital oilfield, wide area voice communications and wireless video.

Commtel Networks Private Limited


Sales Contact:Satish P.G.
Phone: 214.649.1390
PR Contact: Amit Singh
Phone: 91-22-6773-4120
Fax: 91-22-6773-4141

Commtel is a proficient turnkey provider of converged communication, surveillance and related technology solutions, tailored for its customers in the energy sector with a rich portfolio of products and services. We design, build and manage decicated networks over fiber, radio or copper media and seamlessly integrate quad play services.

Crenshaw Communications Consulting LLC

Sales Contact
: Cory Crenshaw
Phone: 832.617.0217

Crenshaw Communications Consulting, LLC was formed in 2013 in the telecommunications industry specializing in the oil & gas and energy sectors, a strong need for licensing and regulatory consulting services was realized to help clients obtain and maintain compliance. While some instances require legal counsel, it is not mandatory a client utilize a law firm to assist with compliance matters. It is recommended they utilize a knowledgeable industry professional who has extensive contacts within the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to assist in obtaining compliance. Many situations can be resolved and possibly prevented with a knowledgeable professional looking out for the client’s best interest. Having an expert involved before an issue arises is one of the best ways to prevent a problem further down the road. It is also important that both the FCC/ FAA requirements and rules be considered as well as the engineering side to ensure the operation of the radio systems designed and put into service complement each other thus ensuring compliance prior to obtaining authorization for radio service or tower construction. We have a strong background in bridging the gap between the engineering side and the FCC and FAA. Crenshaw Communications Consulting, LLC is prepared to set our clients up for success by specializing the compliance side, but through partnering with industry professionals in their specific areas of expertise such as highly qualified engineers should the need arise.

Critical Control

Contact: Lee Ykema

Phone: 724.349.8133

Critical Control is North America's leading gas chart integrator, processing over 200,000 gas charts on a monthly basis.  We provide chart integration services to over 900 customers including 80% of the top 25 gas producers in North America.  Critical Control was established 30 years ago to provide natural gas measurement solutions and field services.  With expertise in oil and gas measurement, the companies grew in scope to also offer full distribution lines of meters, instruments, accessories, fittings, and valves along with supporting services.

DCI Technologies, Inc.

Sales Contact: Ted Skinner
Phone: 1.403.720.4885 ext. 114
Fax: 1.866.350.4657

DCI is a focused team of experienced professionals who engineer and provide communications solutions for industrial automation systems.  We specialize in partnering with companies to select the best wireless solution for a wide variety of industrial and business critical applications in the Oil & Gas, Railroad, Water & Wastewater, Mining and Electrical Utility industries.

We assemble, configure, test and kit unique communications solutions and provide customer specific part numbers based on their inventory control requirements and then ship to their designated warehouse or field location.

Our solutions are designed for critical operations who desire to optimize the deployment and increase the performance of their industrial automation communications networks.



Sales Contact: Paul McDonald
Phone: 469.531.9208
PR Contact: Diane Cox
Phone: 772.460.9315 X111
Fax: 772.460.9316

DEHN is world leading supplier of Lightning and Surge Protection with a hundred year history, that manufactures a complete range of DIN rail mounted, modular SPDs for measurement, control, instrumentation, and communication for all bus and power systems. Outdoor units are available for hub mounting in SS threaded pipes.

Digi International

Sales Contact: Aaron McNally
Phone: 952.912.3282
PR Contact: Elizabeth Herberg
Email: elizabeth.hergerg
Phone: 952.912.3051

Fax: 952.912.4952

Digi International provides secure, reliable communication gear for remote utility assets including cellular routers, Smart Energy gateways and a cloud platform for devices.  With an industry-leading product warranty and responsive support group, Digi has been helping utilities solve metering, SCADA and HAN communication challenges for more than 25 years.

Dupont Building, Inc


Sales Contact: Kristopher Fregia
Phone: 337.905.5928
Fax: 337.905.5268

Dupont Building Inc is a manufacturer offiberglass concrete composite & steel interlocking panel shelters.  Dupont shelters come in a variety of finishes & colors to meet zoning requirements.  Our shelters are economically priced providing maximum protection of equipment.


Eagle Research Corporation

Sales Contact: John F. Booth
Phone: 1.877.757.6565
Fax: 304.757.3332

Eagle Research Corporation is a manufacturer of quality flow computers, volume correctors, pressure recorders & RTU’s. We offer integrated wireless solutions for cellular, LEO satellite, radio, and Bluetooth communications. SCADA & Data Management Software is also available. Eagle Research Corporation is proudly located in Hurricane, West Virginia.

Eastex Tower, Inc.


Sales/PR Contact: Justin Miller
Phone: 719.632.8822
Fax: 719-632-6848

Telecommunications Service provider, capable of providing a turnkey solution.  Tower Construction and Tower Modifications, Microwave Antenna Installations and Microwave Radio Installations.  Please contact us to communicate any telecommunication related needs.


Elektrobit, Inc


Sales Contact : Jim Harper
Phone: +1 469.233.2231
PR Contact: Juho Malmi
Phone: +358.40.344.2603
Fax:+1 425.686.3102

Elektrobit  is leading provider of wireless communication solutions for specialized market segments within cellular, satellite, public safety, military, and wearable connectivity.  Elektrobit's products include a complete range of mobile devices; wireless infrastructure; wireless engineering services including SW, HW, mechanical, and RF design; system integration; testing and validation.  For further information:

Emerson Automation Solutions - Remote Automation Solutions


PR/Sales Contact: LeAnn Tchoryk
Email: leann.tchoryk
Phone: 281.879.2677

Emerson's Remote Automation Solutions is the leading global supplier of automation, software and services, delivering cutting-edge solutions at the Wellpad, Pipeline, and Terminal Segments.  Out complete solutions drive greater profitability, operational efficiency, and safety for Wellpad Pipelines, Storage Terminals and Distribution Systems worldwide.

Enbase Energy Technology

Sales Contact : Jeremy Sonnier
Phone: 713.589.8702
PR Contact : Drew Barnhart
Phone: 713.230.8944

Enbase is an oil and gas technology company focused on field automation, mobile applications, predictive analytics, and operate-by-exception solutions.  Headquartered in Houston, Texas and serving E&P midstream and energy service companies world-wide, Enbase is the company that Powers the Digital Oilfield

End 2 End Technologies

Sales Contact : Heather Becker
Email: hbecker
Phone: 307.850.7999
PR Contact : Kayla Heideman
Phone: 281.755.2557

E2E Technologies is your "end-to-end" solutions provider,  serving all of your wireless and network communications needs.  From initial planning and wireless path profile analysis, to installation, startup, and life-cycle support, we assist your team in adopting a wireless solution that will significantly reduce your business communication costs, while maximizing network reliability and performance.

EnerSys Corporation



Sales Contact : Dale Schafer
Phone: 281.598.7100
PR Contact: Ruth Lacey
Phone: 281.598.7115
Fax: 281.598.7199

EnerSys Corporation works specializes in the implementation of PHMSA CRM-compliant control rooms for oil and gas operations.  Leveraging in-depth knowledge of pipeline operations, control room procedures, alarm rationalization, SCADA and the latest PHMSA 49 CFR regulations, EnerSys has created POEMS, the ideal solution for small and medium-size operators with limited resources.  For more information, visit

ElectroSystems Engineers, Inc/ESEI


Sales Contact: J. Antonio Rico
Phone: 915.587.7902
PR Contact: Adalinda Rivera
Phone: 915.587.7902
Fax: 915.587.7768

ESEI supports clients with planning, design, integration, and management of wired and wireless telecommunications and computer networks in a timely and cost effective manner.  Through our services and solutions, we deliver customized and standard based designs, highly reliable networks, integrated systems, and end-to-end network connectivity to companies in the Oil and Gas, Electric & Water Utility Telecommunications, and Government sectors.

Exalt Communications, Inc.

Sales Contact: Mark Jacobson
Phone: 408.688.0800
PR Contact: Pamela Valentine
Phone: 408.688.0288
Fax: 408.871.9750

Exalt provides next-generation microwave backhaul systems that break the network bottlenecks associated with the growing demand for IP-based applications and offer a highly reliable and cost-effective alternative to fiber and leased lines. With Exalt's pay-as-you-grow scalability, energy companies can migrate to hybrid native TDM and Ethernet infrastructures without affecting operations.


Sales Contact: Kevin Parsons
Phone: 817.595.4969

DC-AC Power Inverters 125 Watts - 210 KW Modular and expandable. 

Feeney Wireless


PR Contact: Ben Moore
Phone: 541.685.9045
Fax: 541.284.0030

Feeney Wireless is an M2M systems integrator, products and managed services company serving enterprise and public sector agencies around the world. Feeney Wireless specializes in developing M2M ecosystems utilizing fixed and mobile cellular-based solutions, enabling people and businesses to gather meaningful intelligence, helping them work more effectively and efficiently.

First Light Resources, LLC


Sales / PR Contact:
Richard G Hickey
Phone: 615.856.5526

Fax: 615.514.9619

Compliance and liability consulting for vertical assets.  FAA, FCC, NEC evaluations with on-site ground level height / attachment level measurements featuring GPS coordinates with detailed photographic images.  Full NOCC monitoring evaluation, FCC QLI waiver assessment.  GE MapSight Solutions Authorized reseller serving all areas of the U.S.  Limiting liabilities through compliance.

Flash Technology, An SPX Division


Sales Contact: Pete Bruce
Phone: 615.503.2000
PR Contact: Eric Haugseth

Phone: 615.503-2000
Fax: 615-261-2600

Flash Technology is a leading manufacturer of FAA compliant lighting and monitoring solutions serving the Utility industry. We have the largest selection of High and medium intensity lighting, component level training and a 24/7/365 operations center. Our Services help protect critical assets in support of FAA/FCC compliance and regulations.

FreeWave Technologies, Inc.


Sales Contact: Jim Gardner
Phone: 281.799.8643
PR Contact: Terri Douglas
Phone: 303.581.7760
Fax: 303.786.9948

FreeWave Technologies is the leading provider of secure, wireless communications solutions to Oil and Gas producers worldwide. For over 20 years FreeWave has led the industry with its forward-thinking product design, unrivaled customer service and aggressive approach to utilizing emerging technologies. FreeWave has acheived world-class results deploying high spped Ethernet, serial and I/O radios for a wide range of Oil and Gas applications.

GAS Analytical Services


Sales Contact: Liam McCarthy
Phone: 724.762.8070
PR Contact: Erica Maynard
Phone: 304.623.0020
Fax: 724.349.8138

GAS Analytical Services is North America’s leading gas chart integrator, processing over 200,000 gas charts on a monthly basis. We provide chart integration services to over 900 customers including 80% of the top 25 gas producers in North America. GAS Analytical Services was established 30 years ago to provide natural gas measurement solutions and field services. With expertise in oil and gas measurement, the companies grew in scope to also offer full distribution lines of meters, instruments, accessories, fittings, and valves along with supporting services.



Sales Contact : Carl MacKinnon
Phone: 936.449.5019
PR Contact: Deanna Vincent
Phone: 585.241.5539
Fax: 585.242.9600

GE MDS--formerly Microwave Data Systems--provides organizations handling mission-critical communications with the best combination of range and speed for both fixed and mobile services--all on one infrastructure. Our secure, wireless, networking solutions for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint architectures support both serial and IP/Ethernet interfaces. Learn more at .

Gillespie, Prudhon & Associates, Inc.

Sales Contact : Byron Perry
Phone: 503.657.0424
PR Contact: E. Robin Smyth
Phone: 503.657.0424

Gillepie, Prudhon & Associates, Inc. is an electrical engineering services and implementation firm specializing in design and implementation of telecommunications and network systems.  GP&A is well known for terrestrial microwave networks, earth station and atellite links, fiber optic, wired and wireless, point-multipoint and other related telecommunications networks and systems.



Sales Contact : Mike Scotto

Phone: 503.657.0424
PR Contact: Peggy Stalhut

Phone: 631-457-1198

A leading global connectivity provider, Globecomm has enabled Land, Sea and Air transport of video, voice, and data to the most remote locations on Earth —  and under the most treacherous conditions. Its comprehensive Satellite, Fiber, Cellular, and CDN infrastructure and services are entrusted to provide mission-critical RF and IP communications with zero downtime to government, maritime, media, enterprise, and wireless mobile and IoT customers in over 100 countries. Globecomm’s Oil and Gas solutions will keep your world flowing smoothly by providing secure and reliable system connectivity, workforce communications including media with real-time video feeds, remote monitoring solutions for SCADA systems and fixed equipment, and security and surveillance systems.

Granger Telecom

Sales / PR Contact
: B.J. Baldwin
Email: bjbaldwin
Phone: 210.521.8088
Fax: 210.521.8092

Granger Telecom, an EF&I Services company is a turn-key microwave and wireless transmission systems "Service" provider with more than 30 years experience.  We cover all frequency bands, capacities, configurations, and manufactures.  Our services include: Site & Path Surveys, Engineering, Radio & DC plant Installaitons, Specification Compliance Testing/ FAT, and Antenna Systems.


Honeywell International

Sales Contact: Bob Ell

Sales Contact: Pete Rullman
Email: pete.rullman
Phone: 832.252.3392

PR Contact: Sharson Wechsler

All around the globe, manufacturers and producers of raw materials rely on Honeywell expertise,  technologies, processes and services to improve performance and business results.  We provide comprehensive solutions to make the process industry more productive, and operations safer, more efficient and more reliable.

Hughes Network Systems LLC (Hughes)

Sales Contact : Phil Sutter
PR Contact:
Judy Blake

Hughes Network Systems LLC ( HUGHES) is the worlds leading provider of satellite broadband solutions and services, having shipped more than 4 million satellite terminals worldwide.  Hughes offers highly-reliable fully-redundant network solutions for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) applications.  Hughes is a wholly owned subsidiary of EchoStar Corporation (NASDAQ: SATS).

Hutton Communications, Inc

Sales Contact : Jonathan Shawhart
PR Contact:
Mary Kay Havens


Hutton Communications, Inc. is a premier distributor of commercial wireless communications and related equipment. With experiences sales teams, strong technical expertise, and rapid deployment, Hutton provides local support and timely delivery to customer locations.

Industrial Video & Control


Sales Contact : Shane Borman
Phone: 617.467.3059
PR Contact: Clarke Esler
Phone: 617.467.3059
Fax: 617.687.0751

IVC is a manufacturer of off-the-shelf and custom industrial video solutions comprised of IP cameras and our Relay Server and Longwatch camera management software packages.  IVC builds hardware suitable for use in extreme or hazardous environments.  Our camera management software includes features to integrate video with popular SCADA systems.

Infrastructure Networks, Inc.


Sales Contact/PR : Pete Kramer
Phone: 1.855.333.4638

Infrastructure Networks provides next-generation wireless broadband communications, including voice, data and real-time video, founded on 4G/LTE wireless technology and available exclusively to Critical Infrastructure entities. They currently control licensed 700 MHz broadband spectrum covering areas such as the Bakken Shale, the Niobrara Shale, the Eagle Ford Shale and Permian Basin, as well as the Texas panhandle, parts of Eastern New Mexico and Kern County, California. They operate the first LTE network to be dedicated to the needs of Critical Infrastructure entities such as oil and gas exploration and production companies.

Infrastructure Operations Technologies, Inc.


Sales Contact: Larry Du Broc
Phone: 972.235.4367
PR Contact: Larry Pechacek
Phone: 210.445.4692

Infrastructure Operations Technologies is a Texas Corporation that provides broadband connectivity and internet services.  Our focus is connecting to rural business operating areas - IoT-M2M-Field Staff.  IoTopTech's market focus is on rural business operations such as oil & gas, electrical utilities and communities. 

JM Test Systems, Inc.


Sales/PR Contact: Clark Braud
Phone: 985.373.1390

JM Test Systems was founded in 1982 with the ambition of providing the best possible service that a Standards laboratory can provide. We offer our commitment to accuracy, reliability & flexibility with fast, high-quality service. Our N.I.S.T. traceable calibration services are ISO 9001-2000 Certified & A2LA ISO 17025 ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 accredited. With calibration laboratories in TX & Louisiana we serve the entire Gulf Coast area and our mobile laboratories can service the USA from coast to coast. Our offerings include repair, calibration, sales & rentals of new & refurbished Electronic Test Equipment from leading manufacturers like Fluke, Fluke Networks, Agilent, Anritsu, Bird, R & S, Aerofles/IFR, Tektronix, Keithley, Pomona and many more.


Juniper Networks


Sales/PR Contact: Ben Caruso
Phone: 832.603.1981



Juniper Networks challenges the status quo with innovative products, solutions and services critical  to businesses by transforming the economics of networking in the connected world.  We create secure and cost-effective networks with agility, efficiency and value.

Kathrein-Scala Division


Sales Contact : Manfred Muenzel
Phone: 541.779.6500
PR Contact: Deborah DiCarlo
Phone: 602.909.3488
Fax: 541.779.3991

Kathrein Inc, Scala Division (KSD), an ISO 9001 and 14001 certified company, is a leading supplier of antenna and filter systems in the frequency range of 47-6000 MHz. Its products cover cellular 3G, LTE and WiMax communications. Ground to Air, Rail & Bus transportation, SCADA for Energy, Broadcasting, Enterprise and Governmental markets worldwide. KSD's products are either designed and manufactured in house at irs Medford, Oregon headquarters or obtained from one of the Kathrein Group 62 sister companies located around the world.

Keller and Heckman LLP


Sales/PR Contact: Wes Wright
Phone: 202.434.4296
Fax: 202.434.4646

Keller and Heckman LLP has provided full service legal counsel to our petroleum and natural gas, electrical and other utility clients for more than 45 years on a wide array of telecommunications matters. Our staff negotiates pole attachment aggrements, wireless site leases, telecom services and other agreements; handles FCC and FAA licensing; provides every aspect of regulatory support; and counsels clients on business, commercial and transactional issues.

Kenwood U.S.A. Corporation


Sales Email:
PR Contact
: Jeannie Cameron

Phone: 678.474.4700

Kenwood USA, Communications Sector, is a worldwide manufacturer of analog and digital two-way radios, including P25 compliant and NEXEDGE® radios utilizing the NXDN® protocol.  Kenwood provides complete custom systems, mobiles and portables for critical infrastructure, public safety, as well as, business and industry. For more information, contact us at (800)950-5005.

Kepware Technologies



Sales Contact:
Steve Sponseller

PR Contact
: Torey Penrod-Cambra

Phone: 207.775.1600 x.220
Fax: 207.775.1799

Kepware Technologies is a private software development company headquartered in Portland, Maine.  Kepware provides a portfolio of software solutions to help businesses connect diverse automation devices and software applications.  Established in 1995 and now distributed in more than 100 countries, Kepware's software solutions help thousands of businesses improve operations and decision making.  Visit us online to learn more and download free, fully functioning demonstration software.

 LBA Group, Inc.



Sales Contact:
Mike Britner

PR Contact
: Katie Sneed

Phone: 252.317.2137
Fax: 252.752.9155

Permanent & Portable Lighting Protection Systems; Test Equipment; Online Safety Training; Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) studies, investigation & mitigation including SCADA RF systems; FCC AM studies and AM Detuning of Powerline Structures; Personal RF monitors; RF Safety Assessment & Compliance for FCC, OSHA & NEPA; Electromagnetic RF Shielding.


LBA University, Inc



Sales Contact:
Gary Doyle

PR Contact
: David Horn

Phone: 252.757.0279
Fax: 252.752.9155

LBA University offers essential safety & compliance training and is the largest online provider of RF Safety Training in the US with over 10,000 certifications completed.  LBAU also offers its clients an online, managed training solution that is custom tailored to each from our hundreds of online courses.

LEC, Inc.



Sales Contact:
Lee Dubois

PR Contact
: Liz Densmore

Phone: 601.939.8535

LEC Inc provides Industrial Automation Engineering and Industrial IoT communications services of the highest quality with an unending commitment to our partners, clients and communities.


Lockard & White, Inc.


Sales/PR Contact: Bob Smith
Phone: 281.586.5717
Fax: 281.586.0044

  • Telecommunications Services Firm
  • Texas Corporation
  • Founded 1984
  • Architects and engineers of telecom, security systems and IT networks
  • Including product/system development & integration
  • Telecommunications, Security & Information Technology engineers and project managers
  • Design, implement, and optimize telecom and security solutions to meet customer needs
  • System Design
    • Propagation Analysis
    • System planning
    • Site Surveys
    • Equipment specification
    • System Optimization/Needs Analysis
    • Professional Engineer (PE) Certification of Site Drawings for permitting purposes.
  • Project Management
  • Implementation Supervision
  • Vendor Coordination
  • Acceptance Testing


Louisiana Radio Communications, Inc.



Sales Contact:
David Duzan

PR Contact
: Perry Vincent

Phone: 337.436.7573
Fax: 337.310.2399

Motorola dealer for all wireless communications, with sales, service, and warranty.  We also provide radio systems configuration, digital signage, outdoor warning systems, wireless internet, surveillance, access control, CCTV, paging, structured cabling and fiber optics.



Mackay Communications - Satellite Services


Sales Contact: Joe Melliere
Phone: 919.850.3019
PR Contact:
Sue Ellen Rosen
Phone: 919.850.3014
Fax: 919.954.1707

Ensure total system integrity with "Always On" network solutions for remote monitoring, automation, SCADA, asset tracking & enterprise communication.  Mackay's Inmarsat Satellite Solutions provide real-time global connectivity, particularly critical when other forms of communications are unavailable or cease to function.


MasTec North America, Inc.



Sales Contact: Thomas M. Jones
Phone: 559.250.9564
Fax: 218.785.2929

We are contractors that engineer, procure, construct and maintain the infrastructures that enable electric transmission and distribution, oil and natural gas pipeline, and communications companies to successfully facilitate the production and delivery of their products-from the source to their customers. From extra high voltage transmission lines and cross continental oil and natural gas pipelines, to renewable energy, wireless towers and microwave backhaul systems, our deep industry expertise, extensive resources, and continual focus on innovation allows us to provide end-to-end services on time and on budget, every time.


Sales Contact: Dave Woronuk

Phone: 403.295.0511
PR Contact: Cara Jelleau

MegaSys provides Telenium Network Management Solutions for Telecommunications, energy, and other markets.  MegaSys focuses exclusively on telecom network management and provisioning, developing a powerful NMS with complete EML/NML/SML functionality - including full FCAPS capability, auto-population of network architecture and circuit management, high throughput alarm processing and network element backup.

Micronet Communications, Inc

Sales Contact:
Jeremy Lewis
Phone: 972.422.7200 x 109
Fax: 972.422.1900

Micronet Communications, Inc. provides communications planning services covering microwave, satellite and wireless technologies.  Services include FCC license applications, personalized status tracking, frequency planning, frequency coordination, frequency protection, propagation studies, path and site surveys, wind turbine clearance, wireless area coverage maps, AMI site cluster analysis, backhaul network architecture analysis and consulting.

MMR Communications c/o MMR Group, Inc.



Sales Contact: Charles Lynch
Phone: 337.258.2416
PR Contact: Billy Ridge
Phone: 225.408.8980
Fax: 225.753.7012

MMR Communications is a single-source integrator for telecommunications solutions in remote areas. MMR has offices and employees in all major oil & gas areas and has the ability to provide local content, construction management and technical expertise.

Modular Connections, LLC



PR/Sales Contact:  Robin McDaniel
Phone: 205.980.4565
PR Contact: Billy Ridge

Modular Connections is a premier manufacturer of prefabricated concrete Buildings and Wall Systems.  We provide comprehensive design, integration, logistics, and installation support for a wide range of building applications.  Modular Connections takes pride  in offering customers with the highest quality, customized solutions to fit their project needs.


Morningstar Corporation



Sales Contact:  Brad Berwald
Phone: 215.321.4457
PR Contact: Donna Pizzullo
Phone: 215.321.4457 x 111

Morningstar Corporation is a world-leading supplier of solar charge controllers and inverters, with over three million units installed in over 112 countries.  Morningstar's products are the most advanced and highest quality products available.


NCS ( Network Cabling Services)


Sales/PR Contact: Ryan King
Fax: 281.481.0225

For over 30 years, NCS has been providing quality products and installation of reliable wiring solutions for today’s ever changing networking environment.  NCS sets the industry standards for seamless local, regional, and national products, services and safety. As a leader in risk and needs assessment, NCS can ensure that all of your structured cabling, security, and audio visual needs will be met with the latest technology and an on-going commitment to top-quality products, installation and customer satisfaction.


NEC Corporation of America



Sales/PR Contact: Jerome Crews
Phone: 214.546.1641

Fax: 214.262.3685

NEC's contribution to improving Energy Communications Networks with its leading-edge advanced technologies for over 60 years proving our unrivaled commitment and expertise.  NEC is one of the longest running suppliers of communications equipment without a change in ownership, having 6 decades of research/development, manufacturing and deployment experience.

OleumTech Corporation


Sales Contact:
James Gardner

PR Contact:
Elena Korotich
949.305.9009 x 7174

OleumTech is a leading manufacturer of battery-powered wireless instrumentation that represents the new paradigm of remote monitoring and control for Oil & Gas, Refining, Water/Wastewater and other industries. Forming the foundation of a scalable, peer-to-peer wireless infrastructure, the OleumTech Wireless System enables “last mile” connectivity in any wireless SCADA and telemetry application.

On-Ramp Wireless



Sales Contact: Ryan Derouin
Phone: 1.678.644.2826
PR Contact: Kirsten Garvin
Fax: 858.592.6009

On-Ramp Wireless enables long-range connectivity for the IoT.  The company’s revolutionary RPMA® (Random Phase Multiple Access) technology offers unmatched range, capacity, battery life and performance, operating in unlicensed spectrum.  On-Ramp provides a carrier-grade system suitable for public and large-scale enterprise multi-application networks, with proven global deployments in the most demanding environments.  A wide range of partners integrate the patented RPMA technology to deliver solutions for smart grid, industrial automation, smart city and other IoT and M2M applications.




Sales Contact: Dave Rodola
Phone: 1-800-323-9122
PR Contact: Jack Seller
Phone: 630-339-2116
Fax: 630-372-6800

PCTEL Connected Solutions™ simplifies network deployment for wireless, data and communications applications. PCTEL Connected Solutions develops and delivers YAGI, Land Mobile Radio, WiFi, GPS, In-Tunnel, and broadband antennas through its product lines. PCTEL also designs specialized towers, enclosures, fiber optic panels, and fiber jumper cables to deliver custom engineered site solutions.

Petro Guardian,  LLC


Sales Contact: Harshul Gupta
Phone: 828.545.6442
PR Contact: Taryn Jones
Phone: 985.206.9651

Petro Guardian provides a "Protection Plan" that establishes a sustainable methodology to design, procure, install, and maintain an oil field lightning protection and static mitigation system.  The plan addresses risk analysis, economic evaluation, and return on investment (ROI) for deploying customized lightning protection and static mitigation systems on oil and gas facilities. 


PcVue Inc.


Sales Contact: Ed Nugent
Phone: 781.460.3272
PR Contact: Emmanuel Ecochard
Phone: 781.569.0646

PcVue supplies SCADA for intelligent flow measurement to the oil, gas, thermal, midstream, pipeline, and water measurement markets.  Intelligent-Measurement TM significantly lowers operations costs by ensuring production data is validated and auditable for production accounting.  Headquartered in Woburn, MA and backed by its affiliate ARC Informatique, PcVue solutions are used worldwide.

Phoenix Contact USA


Sales Contact: Troy Thacker
Phone: 713.353.5943
PR Contact: Molly McGowen
Phone: 717.944.1300 ext.3721

Phoenix Contact develops and manufactures electrical and control components supporting automation and SCADA applications in the industrial markets. From our headquarters in Garmany 47 international subsidiaries are coordinated to support our manufacturing, sales and distribution networks. Phoenix Contact USA offices are located in Middletown, PA.

Paul J. Ford and Company


Sales /PR Contact: John Werner
Phone: 614.221.6679 x 2194

PJF is a structural engineering company that provides engineering and design consulting services for the utility and communications industries.  Our 52 years of experience and expertise allow us to provide our clients with cost effective solutions nationwide. 



PolyPhaser/Transtector Systems

Sales Contact: Kent Anderson
Phone: 800-882-9110
PR Contact: Kim Little
Phone: 800-882-9110

PolyPhaser Corporation and Transtector Systems are part of the Protection Technology Group of Smiths Interconnect. We offer a complete systems approach providing power and signal integrity solutions for communications and critical electronic systems and protection from lightning and power anomalies.

Prime Controls, LP


Sales / PR Contact: Bill Bivens
Fax: 972.420.4842

Prime Controls is a Systems Integration and I&C Constructionfirm specifically structured to meet all of your industrial automation and control needs.  We have the size, expertise, and experience to take complete responsibility for your industrial automation and control solution.

Primus Electronics


Sales/PR Contact: Rich Gebhart
Phone: 800.603.1114
Fax: 800-767-7605

Primus Electronics is a leading wireless distribution company which sets the standard for distributing quality products from 200+ manufacturers with unsurpassed service levels. Widely known for its outstanding customer service, innovative offerings, profound expertise, and strong relationships with manufacturers and customers, Primus has become the unrivaled standard for distribution; essentially, the Difference in Wireless Distribution.

Proactive Energy Services, Inc.


Sales Contact: Pat Price
Phone: 713.999.9411
PR Contact: Dana Wisko

Houston based, turnkey technology integrator & service provider delivering cost savings solutions for the rapidly growing and evolving needs of the Energy industry.




Sales Contact: Jody Nicewonger

Phone:  408.230.6474
PR Contact: Tammy Levy

Phone:  +972.3.7662916
Marketing: Orly Inbar
Phone: +972.3.769.2854

RADWIN is a leading global provider of wireless Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint, Small Cell NLOS Backhaul and FIBERinMOTION™ solutions geared for wireless broadband-in-motion. RADWIN’s solutions deliver voice, video and data with unmatched high-capacity for long ranges. Deployed in over 150 countries, RADWIN’s solutions serve the needs of carriers, service providers, governments, enterprises, public and private security companies and transportation organizations. RADWIN’s solutions power applications including backhaul, non-line-of-sight small cell backhaul, broadband access, private network connectivity, video surveillance transmission as well as wireless mobile-in-motion for trains and metros.


Redline Communications

Sales Contact
: Dale Suitor
Phone: 905.479.8344
PR Contact: Lauren McCormick
Phone: 201.348.0286

Redline is the gold standard for industrial wide area communications in oil and gas, with multi-purpose wireless networks that enable digital oilfields across the globe. Major producers worldwide rely on Redline to engineer, plan and deliver secure and reliable networks for their drilling and production, delivering M2M, voice, data and video communications that increase business productivity.


ROHN Products

Sales: Tim Rohn
Phone: 309.566.3000
PR Contact: Mark Allen
Phone: 309.566.3000

ROHN has been providing all types of towers and structures from Telecommunications, utilities and DOT applications for 7 decades to the energy industry.  Self-supporting, guyed, and monopole structures.

RoviSys Company

Sales / PR Contact: Gary Humble
Phone: 440.241.2853

RoviSys is a leading independent provider of comprehensive process automation solutions and services. Our engineering services include process automation, electrical and instrumentation, software development, and industrial network design. RoviSys provides independent solutions that help optimize operations, enhance safety, reliability and efficiency across a variety of process markets such as Oil & Gas, Power, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Metals and Glass.

Schneider Electric, Telemetry & Remote SCADA Solutions



Sales Contact: Denis Rutherford
Phone: 713.896.9600
PR Contact Name: Dafir Lamdaouar
Phone: 613.591.1943

Schneider Electric, Telemetry & Remote SCADA Solutions, is a global supplier of remote automation solutions for SCADA systems in oil and gas applications. Solution components include Accutech wireless instrumentation, SCADAPack smart RTUs, Trio long-range data radios, and ClearSCADA enterprise software. All products are engineered to operate in harsh, unattended environments delivering higher productivity and effciency while reducing operational costs across a wide area infrastructure.





Sales Contact:Dan Paladino
Phone: 720.420.0024
PR Contact: Kevin Finnan
Phone: 860.618.0293
Fax: 407.386.6284

Semaphore's brands include Kingfisher, TBox and TFlo.  The Kingfisher RTU brings a very strong platform including high availability, redundant configurations and DNP3 Secure Authentication to traditional SCADA configurations while TBox leverages a decentralized architecture, immediate notification and web technologies plus TFlo, our advanced, oil & gas flow measurement solution.


SignalFire Telemetry

Sales Contact: Colby Lemmons
Phone: 713.899.4317

PR Contact: Marcia Reiff
Phone: 262.898.2511

SignalFire produces wireless communication products aimed at data monitoring and control in the upstream oil and gas market.  SignalFire offers wireless connection to many different sensor types and the network interface is via a robust Gateway supporting Modbus RTU or TCP.


Sales Contact: Curt Alway
Phone: 800.728.4033
PR Contact Name: Jason Burkholder
Phone: 800.728.4033

SoftWright, a GSA contract holder, is the developer of the Terrain Analysis Package (TAP™) PC-based terrestrial RF propagation software.   TAP™ is used by federal agencies, state/local public safety departments, energy companies, utilities, and consultants to evaluate radio transmitter sites; predict, simulate, and analyze radio coverage; plan land mobile radio and cellular systems; conduct intermodulation and adjacent channel interference studies; and design microwave, VHF, and UHF links.

Solarcraft, Inc.

Sales Contact: Bob Heth
Phone: 877.340.1224
PR Contact Name: Allison Haun
Phone: 877.340.1224

Solarcraft designs and manufactures turnkey equipmment for remote automation applications.

  • Dedicated stand-alone field power systems
  • Complete control panels
  • Electronics and power enclosures
  • Equipment shelters and skids
  • Walk-in enclosures complete with integrated electronic systems

We specialize in delivering a high quality lasting solution with fast turnaround and simple installation.


Sales Contact
Phone: 1.800.Get.Splunk
PR Contact
Phone: 415.848.8400

Splunk Inc. provides teh leading platform for Operational Intelligence.  Splunk® software searches, monitors, analyzes and visualizes machine-generated big data from websites, applications, servers, networks, sensors and mobile devices.  More than 11,000 organizations use Splunk software to deepen business and customer understanding, mitigate cybersecurity risk, improve service performance and reduce cost.





Sales Contact: Bob Moreno/Greg Porter;
Phone: 832.590.0777 ; 713.581.8509
PR Contact Name: Linda Eastridge-Jordan
Phone: 972.405.2800

Sprint Nextel offers wireless and wireline communications services and is recognized for developing innovative technologies, including the first wireless 4G service from a national carrier in the U.S.; mobile data services; push-to-talk capabilities; a global Tier 1 Internet backbone and leading prepaid brands. Newsweek ranked Sprint No. 6 in its 2010 Green Rankings, the highest of any telecommunications company. Follow Sprint on Facebook and Twitter



Sales Contact: Charlie Bachman
Phone: 303.604.1125
PR Contact Name: Laurie DuBois
Phone: 845.336.0146 x. 7123
Fax: 303.604.1135

SunWize solar electric systems provide power where you need it! 24/7, cost-effective power solutions for well site automation, telecommunications, cathodic protection and security applications. Our rugged systems are easy to install, feature low operating and maintenance costs, and are manufactured in the U.S.A. Delivery dates you can rely on!

TEC Sales

Sales Contact: Kevin Kinzie
Phone: 1.888.470.2444
PR Contact Name: Mike Meinscher
Phone: 1.888.470.2444
Fax: 1.866.404.4535

TEC Sales is an exclusive regional manufacturers representative for some of the most trusted names in the Industrial Electrical Industry.  Specializing in industrial electrical products, enclosures, motor controls, and power quality for general purpose and hazardous locations. For detailed information on specific manufacturer coverage including Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, please refer to our line sheet.



Sales Contact: Rebekah McAdams
Phone: 281.542.0205

TechStar is a manufacturer's sales representative firm focused on Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas and Oklahoma.  Our product offering includes level, flow, analytical gas/liquid, instrumentation, and all phases of oil and gas production. TechStar represents: VEGA, MSA, Yokogawa, GE Measurement Controls, GE Bently Nevada, Viatran, Teledyne Monitor Labs,  KPatents and Moore Industries.


Tempest Telecom Solutions

Sales Contact: Owen Groham
Phone: 805.879.4825
PR Contact: Elda Rudd
Phone: 805.879.4829

Tempest Telecom Solutions is a leading provider of telecom infrastructure equipment and repair services, helping network operators build, expand and maintain their networks faster and more cost-effectively.  Tempest’s offering includes: existing/legacy equipment expansion, equipment repair; turnkey Distributed Antenna Solutions (DAS); asset reutilization programs; and equipment disposition. 



TESSCO Technologies

Sales Contact: David Pollock
PR Contact: Lisa Robey
Phone: 410.229.1355
Fax: 410.229.1204

TESSCO makes wireless work – from industrial networking to remote connectivity to a wireless oilfield – TESSCO has the network and infrastructure solutions you need for your critical communications. Products include broadband radios, modems, base antennas, cable, fiber, test equipment, site hardware, enclosures, power solutions, two-way radios, mobile antennas, and grounding solutions.



  Texas Energy Network, LLC

Sales Contact: Michele Broussard
Phone: 832.875.8110
PR Contact: Greg Casey
Phone: 713.621.0800
Fax: 713.621.0804

We are the first LTE network dedicated to oilfield connectivity; providing a unified IP platform that supports TEN's services and enables countless oilfield applications.  TEN combines four critical elements to create a unique IP platform in the oilfield:
   1. Carrier Class 4G LTE Network
   2. Licensed Spectrum
   3. Oil & Gas Industry Focus
   4. Patent Pending Customer Premise Equipment (CPE)

Times Mircrowave


Sales Contact: Lou Caruso
PR Contact:Carolyn Turner
Times Microwave Systems designs and manufactures high-performance coaxial cables, connectors, cable assemblies and surge protection for use in wireless systems.  Products include flexible, low-loss 50 Ohm LMR® coaxial cables, low PIM SPP™  jumpers for DAS, EZ connectors, installation tools and accessories as well as Times-Protect® lightning and surge protection devices.  Times LMR® coaxial cable is considered the industry standard for flexible low-loss coax cable.

 TinBox Energy Software


Sales Contact:Frank Tarbox
PR Contact: Mark Flynn
Phone:  403.259.7447

Tinbox Energy Software product line is designed to fulfill the needs of Water and Gas Utilities, upstream and downstream oil and gas sectors.  The modularity of IM-SCADA allows users to replace or collapse systems from data collection to production reporting.  The Virtual flow computer module allows users to reduce hardware costs while centralizing flow calculations.

Twin Eagle Consulting



Sales Contact: Chris Canfield
Phone: 541.805.1471
PR Contact: Joe Engler
Phone: 303.606.6828
Fax: 303.482.1423

Twin Eagle designs, engineers, implements and manages industrial wireless solutions. Our company serves clients in the Electric and Oil & Gas as well as public utilities such as Water / Water Water, Traffic and Public Safety. Our Field Service offerings can meet your resource and support your requirements for your sites.

TWR Lighting, Inc


Sales Contact: Nathan Green
713.973.6905 x 131
PR Contact: Raymond Kraemer III
Phone: 713.973.6905 x 605
Fax: 713.973.9352

TWR Lighting, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of FAA approved & ETL certified Aviation Obstruction Lighting.  TWR has the most complete line of incandescent, LED, and High Intensity Lighting Systems for an height tower and voltage requirement.  Whether you need lamps, parts, or a system quote, call us with your lighting needs.  Ask about our new all LED Systems.


Utility Telecom Consulting Group, Inc.


Sales Contact: Nick Thomas
Phone: 303.355.0848
PR Contact: George Stoll

Utility Telecom Consulting Group provides planning, engineering, FCC licensing and project management services to the utility and energy industries (gas, electric, water, pipeline and transportation).   Areas of technical expertise include SCADA and Smart Grid communications, wireless, 2-way radio, spectrum re-farming, narrow-banding, IP, fiber optic, microwave and satellite transmission systems.


UTSI International Corporation


Sales Contact:
Daniel Nagala
Phone: 281.480.8786 x 114
PR Contact:  Duane Clementson
Phone: 281.480.8786 x 107

UTSI is a vendor independent engineering and consulting firm specializing in control system and operations related services for oil and gas pipelines.  Our services include design, specification and implementation of pipeline control centers, as well as advanced pipeline applications including real-time modeling and simulation, leak detection, training, scheduling and forecasting.

Virgin Technologies Inc



Sales/PR Contact : Robert Smibert
Phone: 701.204.7166
Fax: 780.469.4475

Virgin Technologies provides VSAT satellite communications, mobile satellite Internet, VoIP and communications equipment such as ceullar boosters, two-way radios and rig intercoms for companies or individuals working or traveling in rural or remote locations. We provide reliable voice and data communications to any location.

Vorp Energy

Sales Contact: Craig Clifford
Phone: 208-904-0424
PR Contact: Dan Arnold
Phone: 208-904-0424

Remote Soloar and Wind Power Kits for powering Surveillance, Communication, Monitoring and Security equipment in locations with limited or now power.

Waterfall Security Solutions



Sales Contact: Jimmy Goldman
Phone: 713.376.7292
PR Contact: Andrew Ginter
Phone: 403.264.6002
Fax: +972-3-9003707

Waterfall-Security Solutions Ltd. is the leading provider of Unidirectional Security Gateways and data diodes for Process Control Systems, SCADA systems, Remote Monitoring and Segregated Networks, enabling secure and real-time data transfer, from critical (e.g.: SCADA, production, industrial, etc...) networks to external/business networks.

WennSoft, Inc

Sales Contact: Tim Dwyer
Phone: 281.773.0083
PR Contact: Emily Tigert
Phone: 262.821.4100
Fax: 262.821.3838

Wennsoft delivers innovative field service solutions that streamline operations from sales to the field to accounting, arming customers with the insight they need to do their work more proactively, productively, and profitably.  For more information visit

Western Towers


Sales Contact/PR: James Bird
Phone: 325.658.6539
Fax:     325.655.1185

Design, engineer, fabricate and Install all types of communication towers and projects.  Turnkey provider specializing in self supporing, guyed, tilt-down, and monopole towers.  Custom design work available.  Established in 1945.




Sales Contact: Scott Pederson

Phone: 707.283.8014
PR Contact: Trevor Wedge
Phone: 707.283.8010
Fax: 707.283.8080

A veteran netork operator to energy corporations, utilities and enterprises scross the globe, X2nSat provides a wide-range of satellite solutions paired with one of the most extensive and robust VSAT network infrastrcutures in the industry. Turnkey Satellite Solutions: SCADA/POS Connectivity, Business Continuity and Recovery, Dedicated Broadband and Shared Broadband.



Sales Contact: Craig Held
Phone: 303.447.2745
PR Contact: Kim Sawyer
Phone: 303.447.2745

Field Proven, high performance, software defined wireless data radios for SCADA, IP to the wellhead, video surveillance, and more.  Key features: dual band, ISM & MAS in one radio: high speeds - up to 8.8 Mbps ISM and 50 kbps +MAS; global frequency platform; Ethernet and serial in one radio and within one network.  New frequencies and capabilities: 400 MHz, 2.4 GHz, 8.8 Mbps, serial and Ethernet IO, TransNET compatible mode.

Yokogawa Corporation of America


Sales Contact: Andrew Brodie
Phone: 678.350.6830
PR Contact: Erin Young
Phone: 707.283.8010
Fax: 707.283.8080

Yokogawa is a global provider of SCADA Hosts (FAST/TOOLS), RTU (Stardom), DCS (Centum VP) and process measurement instrumentation solutions.  Considering a SCADA Host upgrade – FAST/TOOLS is a high performance, robust, scalable SCADA system tested to 15 million points on a single server.