Associate Member Profiles

4RF USA Inc.______________________________________________________________________

Sales /PR Contact: Sandi Kern
Phone: 585.594.0221
4RF provides licensed radio communications equipment in over 130 countries.  The Aprisa SR and SR+ PTM radios provide secure communications for telemetry and SCADA.  The Aprisa XE and FE PTP Microwave Links provide long distance communications..  The new Aprisa SR+ Migration Master Station (MMS) enables network upgrades at your pace.

ABB, Inc__________________________________________________________________________

Sales Contact: Rebecca Waldo
Phone: 918.338.4714
ABB is one of the largest automation suppliers in the world, with over 300,000 flow computers and RTUs installed in oil and gas worldwide. The hardware and software within our flow computers and RTUs works seamlessly with ABB instrumentation and valve control for a complete solution to your measurement and automation needs.

Actelis Networks, Inc.______________________________________________________________

Sales Contact: Vioa Biryuuova
Phone: 510-545-1033
The market leader and specialist in high performance, reliable and scalable network solutions leveraging broadband over copper, or fiber. Actelis has over 15 years of global experience turning copper into the strategic asset that gets more bandwidth to more places more quickly and cost effectively than fiber, more easily and cost effectively than microwave, and more securely and reliably than many wireless technologies.

Alligator Communications


Sales/PR Contact: Darryl E. Parker
Phone: 408.327.0800
Alligator Communications is a manufacturer of SCADA Multiple Address Systems (MAS) and Narrow Band point-to -point Radio Links since 1991.  Alligator is an industry leader in innovative RF, Digital and software design.  Features include: protocol transparency, global frequency calibration, over-the-air changes, and automatic level control.

Automation Associates, Inc.________________________________________________________
Sales Contact: JL Betts
Phone: 661.432.0792


AUTOSOL_Logo_color-01.jpgSales Contact: Suzzette Rainey
Phone: 281.286.6017
Fax: 281.286.6902

Today's SCADA and Measurement personnel face challenges in an ever-changing industry. Whether in Oil & Gas, Pipeline, or Wastewater - there is a constant struggle to maintain the current system, update to new technologies and add new devices as needed. AutoSol software products are designed to specifically solve the toughest data collection and delivery issues.

Bipom Electronics, Inc________________________________________________________________________

Sales Contact:  Oguz Murtezaoglu
Phone: 713.283.9970
BiPOM Electronics Inc., founded in 1984, is the leading provider of Microcontrollers for: Services: Design, development, consulting and manufacturing services Products:  Hardware, Boards, Development Systems and Programming support Education: Educational Institutions support BiPOM Electronics is the one source for all your microcontroller needs. 


Sales Contact
: Kim Kobbe
Phone: 307.857.6737
Cerento is an EPC Company  providing Engineering, Field Installation and Project Management for all communication needs and industries.  Cerento specializes in network infrastructure design and implementation of wireless communications in all 50 states.  Cerento has RF Implementation and Network Engineers as well as tower certified climbing teams and construction crews.

Crenshaw Communications Consulting LLC___________________________________________

Sales Contact: Cory Crenshaw
Phone: 832.617.0217
Crenshaw Communications Consulting, LLC was formed in 2013 in the telecommunications industry specializing in the oil & gas and energy sectors, a strong need for licensing and regulatory consulting services was realized to help clients obtain and maintain compliance. While some instances require legal counsel, it is not mandatory a client utilize a law firm to assist with compliance matters. It is recommended they utilize a knowledgeable industry professional who has extensive contacts within the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to assist in obtaining compliance. Many situations can be resolved and possibly prevented with a knowledgeable professional looking out for the client’s best interest. Having an expert involved before an issue arises is one of the best ways to prevent a problem further down the road. It is also important that both the FCC/ FAA requirements and rules be considered as well as the engineering side to ensure the operation of the radio systems designed and put into service complement each other thus ensuring compliance prior to obtaining authorization for radio service or tower construction. We have a strong background in bridging the gap between the engineering side and the FCC and FAA. Crenshaw Communications Consulting, LLC is prepared to set our clients up for success by specializing the compliance side, but through partnering with industry professionals in their specific areas of expertise such as highly qualified engineers should the need arise.

Dupont Building, Inc_______________________________________________________________

Sales Contact: Michelle Guidry

Phone: 337.905.5928
Dupont Building Inc is a manufacturer offiberglass concrete composite & steel interlocking panel shelters.  Dupont shelters come in a variety of finishes & colors to meet zoning requirements.  Our shelters are economically priced providing maximum protection of equipment.


Eastex Tower, Inc._________________________________________________________________


Sales/PR Contact: Justin Miller
Phone: 719.632.8822
Telecommunications Service provider, capable of providing a turnkey solution.  Tower Construction and Tower Modifications, Microwave Antenna Installations and Microwave Radio Installations.  Please contact us to communicate any telecommunication related needs.

Emerson Automation Solutions - Remote Automation


PR/Sales Contact: LeAnn Tchoryk
Email: leann.tchoryk
Phone: 281.879.2677
Emerson's Remote Automation Solutions is the leading global supplier of automation, software and services, delivering cutting-edge solutions at the Wellpad, Pipeline, and Terminal Segments.  Out complete solutions drive greater profitability, operational efficiency, and safety for Wellpad Pipelines, Storage Terminals and Distribution Systems worldwide.

End 2 End Technologies & End 2 End Networks________________________________________
Contact: Teri Maher
Phone: 480.532.3790
End 2 End Technologies® provides simplified network infrastructure solutions using robust hardware and software resources, delivering enhanced network connectivity, communication, operations, and management of enterprise networks. And End 2 End Technologies® Professional Services Team offers a wide-array of services to clientele. From vendor-neutral IT advocacy and consultative services, to complete design and deployment, the Professional Services Team supports clients in their pursuit of reliable, scalable network infrastructure solutions. Our expert team identifies opportunities for virtualization, design single and multi-site solutions, enhance network security, improve storage solutions, and ensure redundant back-ups for compliance with even the strictest IT security policies.

EnerSys Corporation_______________________________________________________________



Sales Contact : Dale Schafer
Phone: 281.598.7100
EnerSys Corporation works specializes in the implementation of PHMSA CRM-compliant control rooms for oil and gas operations.  Leveraging in-depth knowledge of pipeline operations, control room procedures, alarm rationalization, SCADA and the latest PHMSA 49 CFR regulations, EnerSys has created POEMS, the ideal solution for small and medium-size operators with limited resources.

GE MDS___________________________________________________________________________


Sales Contact : Carl MacKinnon
Phone: 936.449.5019
GE MDS--formerly Microwave Data Systems--provides organizations handling mission-critical communications with the best combination of range and speed for both fixed and mobile services--all on one infrastructure. Our secure, wireless, networking solutions for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint architectures support both serial and IP/Ethernet interfaces.

Globecomm ______________________________________________________________________

Sales Contact : Mike Scotto

Phone: 503.657.0424
A leading global connectivity provider, Globecomm has enabled Land, Sea and Air transport of video, voice, and data to the most remote locations on Earth —  and under the most treacherous conditions. Its comprehensive Satellite, Fiber, Cellular, and CDN infrastructure and services are entrusted to provide mission-critical RF and IP communications with zero downtime to government, maritime, media, enterprise, and wireless mobile and IoT customers in over 100 countries. Globecomm’s Oil and Gas solutions will keep your world flowing smoothly by providing secure and reliable system connectivity, workforce communications including media with real-time video feeds, remote monitoring solutions for SCADA systems and fixed equipment, and security and surveillance systems.

Granger Telecom__________________________________________________________________

Sales / PR Contact : B.J. Baldwin
Email: bjbaldwin
Phone: 210.521.8088

Granger Telecom, an EF&I Services company is a turn-key microwave and wireless transmission systems "Service" provider with more than 30 years experience.  We cover all frequency bands, capacities, configurations, and manufactures.  Our services include: Site & Path Surveys, Engineering, Radio & DC plant Installaitons, Specification Compliance Testing/ FAT, and Antenna Systems.


Hughes Network Systems LLC (Hughes)_______________________________________________
HUGHES-EchoStar_RGB.pngSales Contact : Phil Sutter
Hughes Network Systems LLC ( HUGHES) is the worlds leading provider of satellite broadband solutions and services, having shipped more than 4 million satellite terminals worldwide.  Hughes offers highly-reliable fully-redundant network solutions for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) applications.  Hughes is a wholly owned subsidiary of EchoStar Corporation (NASDAQ: SATS).

Chuck Moseley
Inmarsat was set up in 1979 by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to enable ships to stay in constant touch with shore or to call for help in an emergency, no matter how far out to sea. Today our customers are found in many different sectors – but they are typically businesses and organisations that need to communicate where terrestrial telecom networks are unreliable or simply cannot reach. As the industry leader and pioneer of mobile satellite communications, Inmarsat has been powering global connectivity for nearly four decades. We offer an unrivalled portfolio of global satcom solutions and value-added services to keep you connected at all times – whether travelling on land, at sea or in the air. No matter where your business takes you, you can rely on Inmarsat for all your mission-critical communications.

JVCKENWOOD USA Corporation______________________________________________________
Contact: Rebecca Hinton
Phone: 800-950-5005

As a company founded on technology, we possess vast quantities of intellectual property. We experience joy in our role as a Customer Value Creator, a company that helps its customers to increase their value by anticipating our customers’ problems and offering them solutions with maximized utilization of our extensive intellectual property. Furthermore, we own the following valuable brands: JVC:Imagination that magnifies human sense, KENWOOD:Precision that exceeds limits and Victor:Exploring a new era with pride. Through our own business activities, we will strive to further enhance the value of these brands and to use them to maximum advantage. Meanwhile, throughout the world, the keywords, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are a constant topic of conversation and of growing importance. We are putting forth our strengths in the areas of audio, visual, and communications systems and we believe it is important that we further strengthen the connections of those areas with IoT and AI. We are engaged in a range of businesses in the three sectors of Automotive, Public Service and Media Service and we continue to take on challenges in our business that anticipates major trends around the world.

Keller and Heckman LLP___________________________________________________________


Sales/PR Contact: Wes Wright
Phone: 202.434.4296
Keller and Heckman LLP has provided full service legal counsel to our petroleum and natural gas, electrical and other utility clients for more than 45 years on a wide array of telecommunications matters. Our staff negotiates pole attachment aggrements, wireless site leases, telecom services and other agreements; handles FCC and FAA licensing; provides every aspect of regulatory support; and counsels clients on business, commercial and transactional issues.

Lockard & White, Inc._____________________________________________________________________________


Sales/PR Contact: Bob Smith
Phone: 281.586.5717

  • Telecommunications Services Firm
  • Texas Corporation
  • Founded 1984
  • Architects and engineers of telecom, security systems and IT networks
  • Including product/system development & integration
  • Telecommunications, Security & Information Technology engineers and project managers
  • Design, implement, and optimize telecom and security solutions to meet customer needs
  • System Design
    • Propagation Analysis
    • System planning
    • Site Surveys
    • Equipment specification
    • System Optimization/Needs Analysis
    • Professional Engineer (PE) Certification of Site Drawings for permitting purposes.
  • Project Management
  • Implementation Supervision
  • Vendor Coordination
  • Acceptance Testing


Lone Star Wire____________________________________________________________________
Lone Star Wire Distributors LLC has over 35 years experience in Electrical and Electronic Wire & Cable distribution. We service the Electrical, Energy, Telecommunications, Petro Chem, Building Automation and Marine markets. 
We Stock American Made Low Voltage and Fiber Optic Cable for Industrial and Marine applications. Lone Star Wire Distributors LLC has stocking facilities in Houston with Strategically located facilities in Texas. Our mission is commitment to delivering cost effective, reliable solutions on time every time.

Micronet Communications, Inc______________________________________________________

Sales Contact:
Jeremy Vize
Phone: 972.422.7200 x 109
Micronet Communications, Inc. provides communications planning services covering microwave, satellite and wireless technologies.  Services include FCC license applications, personalized status tracking, frequency planning, frequency coordination, frequency protection, propagation studies, path and site surveys, wind turbine clearance, wireless area coverage maps, AMI site cluster analysis, backhaul network architecture analysis and consulting.

Morningstar Corporation____________________________________________________________


Sales Contact:  Brad Berwald
Phone: 215.321.4457
Morningstar Corporation is a world-leading supplier of solar charge controllers and inverters, with over three million units installed in over 112 countries.  Morningstar's products are the most advanced and highest quality products available.



Sales Contact:
James Gardner


OleumTech is a leading manufacturer of battery-powered wireless instrumentation that represents the new paradigm of remote monitoring and control for Oil & Gas, Refining, Water/Wastewater and other industries. Forming the foundation of a scalable, peer-to-peer wireless infrastructure, the OleumTech Wireless System enables “last mile” connectivity in any wireless SCADA and telemetry application.



Sales Contact: Dave Rodola
Phone: 1-800-323-9122
PCTEL Connected Solutions™ simplifies network deployment for wireless, data and communications applications. PCTEL Connected Solutions develops and delivers YAGI, Land Mobile Radio, WiFi, GPS, In-Tunnel, and broadband antennas through its product lines. PCTEL also designs specialized towers, enclosures, fiber optic panels, and fiber jumper cables to deliver custom engineered site solutions.

Phoenix Contact USA________________________________________________________________________________


Sales Contact: Troy Thacker
Phone: 713.353.5943
Phoenix Contact develops and manufactures electrical and control components supporting automation and SCADA applications in the industrial markets. From our headquarters in Garmany 47 international subsidiaries are coordinated to support our manufacturing, sales and distribution networks. Phoenix Contact USA offices are located in Middletown, PA.

Primus Electronics


Sales/PR Contact:
Rich Gebhart
Phone: 800.603.1114
Primus Electronics is a leading wireless distribution company which sets the standard for distributing quality products from 200+ manufacturers with unsurpassed service levels. Widely known for its outstanding customer service, innovative offerings, profound expertise, and strong relationships with manufacturers and customers, Primus has become the unrivaled standard for distribution; essentially, the Difference in Wireless Distribution.

Process Control Dynamics, Inc._______________________________________________________
Contact: Kevin Jordan
Phone: 214.674.7232
Since 1986 Process Control Dynamics, Inc. has proudly helped thousands of customers implement technologically advanced and cost effective solutions in a wide variety of applications and vertical markets.  We’ve found this long term success by focusing on fundamentally sound, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, manufacturing principals/suppliers, and system integrator partners.  Our open and honest approach allows us to recommend the right solutions for the unique challenges of each application, be it one we may, or may not be able to provide. Our goal is not to just sell a product, but to build a long lasting trusted partnership to help solve current and future challenges you face.   

Red Lion Communications___________________________________________________________
Contact: Jessica Daly
Phone: 717.767.6511
As the global experts in communication, monitoring and control for industrial automation and networking, Red Lion Controls has been delivering innovative solutions to customers for over forty years. Our automation, Ethernet and cellular M2M technology enables companies worldwide to gain real-time data visibility that drives productivity. View our Fact Sheet to learn more.

Redline Communications____________________________________________________________

Sales Contact: Dale Suitor
Phone: 905.479.8344
Redline is the gold standard for industrial wide area communications in oil and gas, with multi-purpose wireless networks that enable digital oilfields across the globe. Major producers worldwide rely on Redline to engineer, plan and deliver secure and reliable networks for their drilling and production, delivering M2M, voice, data and video communications that increase business productivity. 

RigNet, Inc._______________________________________________________________________

RigNet_logo.jpgContact: Brian Keefover

A recognized leader in integrated solutions for business operations. Providing customized systems and solutions serving customers with complex data networking and operational requirements including customized end-to-end networks, specialized solutions, and security solutions to protect data and communications.

RigStar Industrial Telecom USA
Contact: Matthew Clayton
Phone: 832.86.3524
Communication Service Provider. Rigstar delivers innovative and cost effective solutions to the most complex Internet, Cellular and Data requirements within the industry. Rigstar Fiber Optics. Fiber Optics. FibreWay™ Installation Industrial Monitoring Leak Detection - Pipelines. Rigstar Data Centre. Data Centre. Co-location

Satelites Mexicanos, S.A. de C.V.____________________________________________________
Contact: Erik Hansen
Phone: 310.963.2055
Satélites Mexicanos, S.A. de C.V., together with its subsidiaries, provides fixed satellite services in the Americas. The company operates in two segments, Satellite Services and Programming Distribution Services. It offers communication services to a range of customers, including telecommunications companies; private and state-owned broadcasting networks; cable television programmers; direct-to-home satellite television operators; and public and private telecommunications networks operated by financial, educational, and media companies, as well as governmental entities. 

Select Spectrum___________________________________________________________________
Contact: Megan Finch
Phone: 571.287.8720

Select Spectrum was founded in 2010 to help FCC spectrum rights holders obtain maximum value when selling or leasing their licenses and to help companies efficiently acquire spectrum rights. To date, Select Spectrum management has led or supported 196 license transactions for a variety of commercial and educational clients in the 220, 700, 900, 1900, 2500 and 3650 MHz bands. The total MHz POPs in these deals have exceeded 1.5 billion and total dollar amounts involved have exceeded $280 million. The company has served scores of educational and commercial clients throughout the United States. The company also provides a variety of business and technical consulting services related to FCC spectrum licenses. Select Spectrum has developed and licensed a series of spectrum databases and mapping systems which are utilized by the company's experts to perform complex analyses of various alternatives.


Julio Duran
Phone: 832.562.6790

Solarcraft, Inc._____________________________________________________________________________________

Sales Contact: Bob Heth
Phone: 877.340.1224
Solarcraft designs and manufactures turnkey equipmment for remote automation applications.

  • Dedicated stand-alone field power systems
  • Complete control panels
  • Electronics and power enclosures
  • Equipment shelters and skids
  • Walk-in enclosures complete with integrated electronic systems

We specialize in delivering a high quality lasting solution with fast turnaround and simple installation.

Tempest Telecom Solutions___________________________________________________________

Sales Contact: Owen Groham

Phone: 805.879.4825
Tempest Telecom Solutions is a leading provider of telecom infrastructure equipment and repair services, helping network operators build, expand and maintain their networks faster and more cost-effectively.  Tempest’s offering includes: existing/legacy equipment expansion, equipment repair; turnkey Distributed Antenna Solutions (DAS); asset reutilization programs; and equipment disposition.  


Sales Contact: David Pollock
TESSCO makes wireless work – from industrial networking to remote connectivity to a wireless oilfield – TESSCO has the network and infrastructure solutions you need for your critical communications. Products include broadband radios, modems, base antennas, cable, fiber, test equipment, site hardware, enclosures, power solutions, two-way radios, mobile antennas, and grounding solutions.


Times Mircrowave___________________________________________________________________


Sales Contact: Lou Caruso

Times Microwave Systems designs and manufactures high-performance coaxial cables, connectors, cable assemblies and surge protection for use in wireless systems.  Products include flexible, low-loss 50 Ohm LMR® coaxial cables, low PIM SPP™  jumpers for DAS, EZ connectors, installation tools and accessories as well as Times-Protect® lightning and surge protection devices.  Times LMR® coaxial cable is considered the industry standard for flexible low-loss coax cable.

UTSI International Corporation


Sales Contact: Daniel Nagala
Phone: 281.480.8786 x 114
UTSI is a vendor independent engineering and consulting firm specializing in control system and operations related services for oil and gas pipelines.  Our services include design, specification and implementation of pipeline control centers, as well as advanced pipeline applications including real-time modeling and simulation, leak detection, training, scheduling and forecasting.

Contact: Zach Hubeck
Phone: 630.818.1000
WAV, Inc. is a full-service, value added distributor of wireless broadband, networking, WLAN and WiFi, mobile rugged computing, IP video surveillance, and data collection/RFID. Located in Aurora, IL, WAV offers value-added services, product availability and unmatched technical expertise to our VAR channel. WAV provides its partners a competitive edge by offering extensive product knowledge, support for multi-vendor solutions, as well as professional value-added services for its VAR community, including (but not limited to):  Staging and configuration, site surveys and installations, FCC license coordination, path profiles and analysis and site kitting.

Winncom Technologies_______________________________________________________________
Contact: Elaine Parks
Phone: 440.498.9510
Winncom Technologies is a worldwide distributor and provider of complete networking solutions, wireless and wired. Our unmatched expertise in broadband wireless networking products and full range of network infrastructure and access products by the leading industry manufacturers allows us to sell the products and provide complete solutions for various markets and applications. Winncom's extensive experience and engineering resources make it possible for us to identify, design and implement the most effective and economical turnkey solutions based on a combination of the latest technologies. With our world-wide presence, Winncom is able to provide the highest level of pre-sale consulting and post-sale engineering support to our customers.



Sales Contact: Scott Pederson
Phone: 707.283.8014
A veteran netork operator to energy corporations, utilities and enterprises scross the globe, X2nSat provides a wide-range of satellite solutions paired with one of the most extensive and robust VSAT network infrastrcutures in the industry. Turnkey Satellite Solutions: SCADA/POS Connectivity, Business Continuity and Recovery, Dedicated Broadband and Shared Broadband.

Yokogawa Corporation of America_____________________________________________________


Sales Contact: Andrew Brodie
Phone: 678.350.6830
Yokogawa is a global provider of SCADA Hosts (FAST/TOOLS), RTU (Stardom), DCS (Centum VP) and process measurement instrumentation solutions.  Considering a SCADA Host upgrade – FAST/TOOLS is a high performance, robust, scalable SCADA system tested to 15 million points on a single server.