Training Sessions

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Below are the Training's to be held at ENTELEC 2018, more details coming soon!

Competent Rigging Training by Safety LMS

The Competent Rigging course details all aspects for the ASSE/ANSI 10.48-2016 Standard and is designed with specific emphasis on load calculations and rigging plans for antenna and line and structural modifications crews using a capstan hoist as the primary means of lifting loads with a line pull not exceeding 1,000 lbs.

During Safety LMS’s Competent Rigging class, students will review Basic Rigging Principles as well as advanced rigging standards outlined in the ASSE/ANSI 10.48-2016 Standard. Successful students will meet the criteria to create rigging plans as outlined in the standard.

Using Online Regulatory Resources for Tower Project Planning Training by TRC Environmental Corporation

A demonstration and hands-on training on how the FCC TCNS and E-106 systems and various useful environmental desktop review databases work.  We will cover who can access these FCC-based systems and how the systems are used. We will cover useful online websites to assist in determining the potential for nearby sensitive environmental resources.  Environmental resource tools reviewed will include the USFWS IPaC system used by biologists to identify potential endangered species or wetlands (USFWS National Wetland Inventory) that may be within your project area. We will also demonstrate helpful publicly available historic resource databases to assist in identifying risks in potential tower siting locations.  Let the experts walk you through how these systems work.

Proper Techniques for RF Connectorization Training by Radio Frequency Systems

One of the critical elements in every RF communications system is the connectors. This hands-on course presented by expert instructors will not only show & tell how RF connectors are properly installed, but participants will get a chance to practice correct techniques themselves. Successful participants will receive a certificate of competency.

Resources and Tools for Cyber Security Testing Training by Berkana Resources

This training session will look at and demonstrate useful tools that are readily available (often open source) to enable attendees to gain an understanding of cyber security techniques or allow more advanced users a roadmap to setting up a lab.

Protecting ICS Applications Training by Palo Alto Networks

This hands-on lab will provide a virtual environment simulating IT and OT networks. Students will follow a step-by-step guide to configure a Palo Alto Networks firewall to protect the ICS environment from unauthorized polling. Each exercise will use very specific application identifiers for Modbus and Modbus sub-functions.

Hand-on Field Area Networking Training by 4RF USA, Inc

This is a hand-on training session to establish a point-multipoint field area network (FAN) using 4RF supplied equipment.  The concepts covered will apply to similar equipment from other vendors. In the time allowed this will be a short form course but will cover the essential components of design, installation, configuration, commissioning, and testing of a small live field area network.

Wireless Network Planning Tools Training by Cambium Networks

How to use Cambium’s planning tools LINKPlanner, Capacity Planner and cnMaestro for network planning and manageability of private field area networks for reliability and long term sustainability.

System Design Basics - From GIS to Network Buildout Training by End 2 End

Discovering and discussing what information needs to be gathered about company assets before implementing a point to multipoint communications system. This session will cover GIS data and various software tools, various RF propagation tools, as well as the necessary questions to ask your team before providing a solution.

Wi Fi/WLAN Fundamentals Training by Tessco

Details for this training coming soon…

Security Threats Training by Tessco

Details for this training coming soon…

GE Training

Details for this training coming soon…

Redline Training

Details for this training coming soon…