Conference Sessions 2016

2016 Fall Seminar Presentations 

Cory Crenshaw.Short on Spectrum Presentation - Final.pptx

Chris Duffey. Improving Uptime, Availability, and Security of ICS.pptx

Cory Crenshaw.Short on Spectrum Presentation - Final.pptx

David Blanco.Cyber Security for SCADA Networks.pptx 

Eric Winsborrow.Real Life Challenges and Solutions for IIoT Security for Oil and Gas.PPTX

Leo Cirbo Tower Regulations.pptx

Steve Moffat.Migration Approaches for Legacy SCADA System.pdf

Wendy Buskop. New Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016.ppt

2016 Spring Conference Presentations

Aron Semle.How Do I Decide Communication Protocols for IoT and Industry.kepware_entelec_2016 - as.pdfBob Ell & Paul Vellacott.Management of Remote Assets RevE.pdf

Bob Ell & Paul Vellacott.Management of Remote Assets RevE.pdf 

Brent McAdams.Wireless Sensor Networks-Applications in Oil and Gas.pdf

Chris Bowman.How to Easily Build Data-Enabled Applications.pdf

Cory Crenshaw.Authorizations 101 ENTELEC Spring 2016.pdf

Dan Steele.Radio 101 Training.Entelec Class 2016.pdf

Duane Clementson.Multi-Faceted and Holistic Industrial Control System (ICS) Security (Clementson) - Final-R.pdf

Duane Harris.Measurement Validation for Today's Measurement Group.pdf

Glenn Longley.IIoT Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructures16_ENTELEC_Longley_IIoT_Security-R.pdf

Greg Santos.A Picture is Worth a Thousand Data Points.v3.pdf

Ivan Schonwald and Hansen Chan.Impregnable Network Defense for a Porous World PR1602018336_Entelec_Encryption_Workshop_Feb_22_'16_d1.pdf

Jim Gardner.Wireless Automations Role In Sustaining Oil Production.pdf 

Jon Tandy.Cloud-Based Data Acquisition System, or Secure Private Network Elecsys - Entelec 2016 - Jon Tandy.pdf

Justin Miller.Entelec Power Point Edited 04.31.16 Tower 101.JM (1).pdf

Keith Blodron.What to Consider when Starting Your Industrial Internet of Things Journey.Keith Blodorn.pdf

Kevin Cookler.Managing the Challenges of Upgrading Your Wireless Communications System-Cookler.pdf;_ENTELEC_Spring_2016_(Upgrade_Communications_Systems).pdf

Kevin Cookler.Unmanned Aircraft Systems to Support Oil and Gas Infrastructure Asset Management-Cookler.pdf;_ENTELEC_Spring_2016_(UAS).pdf

Kevin Finnan.Industrial Internet of Things ENTELEC.pdf

Lee Cysouw.Cyber Security.Lee Cysouw ENTELEC 2016 PPT (2).pdf

Lucas Kane.A Modern Approach to Safeguarding Your Industrial Control Systems and Assets Tempered Networks ENTELEC 16 Final-R.pdf

Michael Brennan.Acumentrics Entelec Technical Presentation PPT, 2-29-16.Michael Brennan.pdf

Renner Vaughn.From Lease to Production Communications Forms the Foundation of the Digital Oil FieldABB Wireless_ENTELEC 2016.pdf

Rex Lee.Infrastructure as a Service.Entelec 2016 WE Presentation 04 26 2016 (10) Rex Lee.pdf

Richard Hickey.ower Compliance.ENTELEC 2016 Hickey.pdf

Robin McDaniel.Today's Physical Security Threats 16_ENTELEC_Robin McDaniel.pdf

Roy Whitten.Grounding System Design and Testing for Critical Facilities.pdf

Russel_Treat.0 GCI Meas 101-ppt.pdf

Russel_Treat.Simplifying Pipeline Alarm Management v01-ppt.pdf

Russel_Treat.Data Collection and Regulatory Req'ts- PPT.pdf

Shawn Cutter.Big Data and Analytics Applied to Oil and Gas.pdf

Steve Hill.2016-Entelec-Putting-The-Parts-Together-v8.pdf

Todd Schnakenberg.Jodi Jacobson.FCC NEPA Environmental Compliance Updates Presentation_TRC.pdf