4RF USA Inc.

4RF is a world class designer/manufacturer providing industrial radio equipment to over 140 countries for critical infrastructure including utilities, smart grid, oil and gas, and other applications.

4RF reinvented the SCADA radio space with the introduction of the Aprisa SR+ based on QAM modulation. This technology is now standard for field area networks that operate in FCC / IC licensed bands as well as private market spectrum at VHF, 220 MHz, UHF, 700, and 900 MHz. Most recently 4RF has introduced a new frequency hopping Aprisa SRi radio for applications suited to the unlicensed 900 MHz ISM band. The Aprisa SR family offers great ease of use and an excellent feature set including highly secure communications, flexible IP L2/L3 networking, and support for legacy migration. Standards-based substation hardened serial and IP interfaces are combined with superior RF performance, an advanced over-the-air interface, outstanding reliability, and robust performance in temperature extremes.

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Sales Contact Name: Steve Bryson ~ VP of Sales North America
Sales Phone: (615) 389-6486
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