Advantech provides advanced industrial IoT solutions that are designed to optimize efficiency, productivity, safety and total cost of ownership for oil & gas, power utilities, and renewable energy operators, equipment makers and systems integrators. Our comprehensive list of energy solutions is engineered to fully support digital transformation and emerging energy technologies, leveraging the power of 5G computing and wireless I/O to deliver real-time insights and business intelligence. Our scalable and secure platform enables ultra-fast processing and analysis of data, while our wireless I/O devices offer reliable connectivity for sensors and devices.

Our customers benefit from Advantech’s vast network of cross-industry partners including leading energy software developers, Cloud service providers and distributors who work together to build innovative solutions and deliver best-in-class services and resources to our customers.

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Industrial Control Systems (SCADA) - Automation
Industrial Control Systems (SCADA) - Control Technologies
Industrial Control Systems (SCADA) - Leak Detection Technology
Industrial Control Systems (SCADA) - Monitoring
Industrial Control Systems (SCADA) - RTU Technology
IT/OT Networks (Network Architecture & Design)
LTE / Private LTE
Management & Analytics