Berkana has been providing SCADA Consulting, SCADA Integration, SCADA Support, SCADA Security and Compliance Services to Clients in the Oil & Gas, Utility and Alternative Energy Markets since our inception in 2004. Our seasoned staff of consultants, engineers, integrators and project managers provide a wide range of expertise and support to clients implementing, upgrading, maintaining or securing Critical Infrastructure.
Berkana Resources staff actively monitors and contributes to industry trade organizations and regulatory bodies that include AGA, API, DOT, IEEE, ISA, ISO, NERC, PHMSA and TSA to mention a few. Our staff members are well recognized in Critical Infrastructure circles as leaders in integrating and securing real-time process control systems and have published several white papers on the subject of compliance and securing SCADA, DCS, and Process Control Systems. Some of these white papers been presented at conferences and trade shows, and have been featured in articles of industry-leading trade journals.

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