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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

1:00 PM – 5:00 PM | Room: Wolfcamp I 4 Hour Training

OT Industrial Security Workshop by Fortinet

Attendees need to bring laptop computers for this training.

Industries that rely industrial control systems (ICS) are looking to add new capabilities and improve operational efficiencies through the latest digital innovations. But as operational technology (OT) environments incorporate IT-based devices and applications, and integrate network connectivity, new pathways for cyber criminals arise exposing critical production systems to cyberattack.

Today, there remains a high degree of variation in the OT security practices and capabilities used, including practices for securing legacy and modern equipment. To protect the critical infrastructure in OT, industrial organizations need to harness the power of a defense in depth strategy to secure their data, systems, and users, as well as minimize the risk of attackers gaining access to their critical infrastructure.

During this technical workshop, we will explore how the Fortinet Security Fabric provides the solution needed to maintain availability and reliability in your OT environment.

Speaker: Erik Anderson, Fortinet Inc.


1:00 PM – 5:00 PM | Room: Wolfcamp II | 4 Hour Training

Grounding and Lightning Protection to Oil & Gas Sites – Presented by CSCG

A high-integrity grounding system is the single most effective means of assuring quality power distribution and reliable signal integrity.  A properly installed grounding system minimizes the risk of exposure to transient spikes, noise and lightning. This four-hour training course will examine the key elements of site grounding and protecting system function: basic and small cell grounding, grounding techniques, codes and standards, methods to evaluate and test grounding system, and utilizing surge protection devices and more.



1:00 PM – 5:00 PM | Room: Sprayberry | 4 Hour Training

Fiber Installation Training by WAV

The fiber installation training workshop is designed to equip field personnel with the fundamental skills and knowledge required to deploy a fiber optic network effectively and in accordance with industry standards. Participants will learn installation basics, industry standards, splicing/enclosure layout and testing. The workshop will also include a look at best practices for fiber maintenance and includes hands-on prepping and splicing techniques.

  • Fiber installation basics

o How test before installing

o Learn to pull fiber properly

o How to store slack the right way

  • Installation Standards

o Standards are vital with multiple install teams and/or contractors

o How to achieve consistent and reliable installation

o Avoid unnecessary maintenance

  • Splicing

o Proper cable prep

o Fusion splicing basics

o Proper splice tray/enclosure layout

  • Testing

o How to test fiber efficiently and accurately

  • Best practices for fiber maintenance
  • Hands on workshop

o Prepping fiber cable

o Splicing

o Splice trays and vaults

  • Q & A

Speaker: Steve Scudder


Thursday, October 5, 2023

9:30 AM – 11:45 AM | Room: Wolfcamp I 2 Hour Training

MQTT Basics 102 – Presented by Cirrus Link

This course is a continuation of the 101 training held at the Fall Entelec show and will be a hands on training session to teach the basic principals of MQTT and Sparkplug and how these technologies apply to Oil and Gas solutions. Upon completion of this course attendees should be equipped with the tools and experience to setup a complete MQTT infrastructure on their own.

Speaker/Moderator: Arlen Nipper, Cirrus Link Solutions


9:30 AM – 11:45 AM | Room: Wolfcamp II | Education Session

Solar Power for Today’s Digital Oilfield

At remote oil & gas fields and across pipelines requiring critical power for operations, solar electricity isn’t just a solution—in some cases, it’s the solution. Every mile of pipeline and every wellhead location requires on-site electricity to power Digital Oilfield functions—yet most are remote from any electrical grid.

Solar electricity is more cost-effective, reliable, and safer than generators to power critical applications including process automation, sensors and instrumentation, cathodic protection, security and data management, and much more. Operators interested in implementing solar solutions for oil & gas applications will learn the essentials of system implementation and configuration.

Speaker: Brad Berwald, Morningstar Corp


9:30 AM – 11:45 AM | Room: Sprayberry | 2 Hour Training

The Ins & Outs of PoE – Power Over Ethernet – Presented by INS

This two hour workshop will detail how to effectively deploy, manage and trouble shoot PoE systems along with examining the different PoE standards. We’ll also discuss how to apply end devices matched with your PoE budget and ultimately enhancing your operations efficiencies, safety and communications in a critical environment.

Speaker: Daniel Domain, Industrial Networking Solutions


10:45 AM – 11:45 AM | Room: Wolfcamp II | Education Session

Life on the EDGE Part 2 – A Real-Time Discussion

Despite the challenges, the adoption of edge technologies offers significant potential for enhancing efficiencies, safety and decision-making. Part 1 of the Life on the EDGE discussion to a look at why EDGE technologies make sense, how they fit into existing infrastructure, the challenges of utilizing the data and what the future holds. Part 2 of the discussion will pick up where we left off, what changes have taken place in the last year and what new opportunities have emerged. Bring your questions, challenges and ideas and join the discussion with this panel of vendors and operators.

Moderator: JL Betts, RAD


1:15 PM – 2:15 PM | Room: Wolfcamp I Education Session

NEW Session Information Coming Soon!

Speaker/Moderator: TBD


1:15 PM – 2:15 PM | Room: Wolfcamp II | Education Session

Implementing and Utilizing Camera Technologies to Enhance Productivity and Safety

Camera and video technologies and applications continue to be utilized in various applications to enhance safety, efficiency and productivity. Applications such as surveillance and security, inspection and maintenance, environmental and process monitoring, safety and training and much more. Hear a panel of industry vendors and operators discuss how camera integration can improve efficiencies, optimize production and reduce downtime.

Speaker: Andrew Hinz, Stratus


1:15 PM – 2:15 PM | Room: Sprayberry | Education Session

Panel Tech Talk – AFC (Advanced Frequency Coordination) 6 GHz Specific to Oil & Gas Operations

Join this panel discussion covering the latest developments in the 6 GHz band space from regulatory issues, technology advancements and industry changes as it relates to critical communications in the oil and gas industry and specific to the Permian Basin.

Moderator: TBD


2:30 PM – 3:30 PM | Room: Devonian Ballroom

Closing Panel Discussion

Description Coming Soon!

Speaker/Moderator: TBD