Innovations Lab

ENTELEC Innovation’s Lab – Innovation Through Collaboration

ENTELEC is a conference, yes, but it is also a community. A community with a genesis in telecom for the ICS, however, it has evolved over the years to help bridge the gap between IT and OT (operational technology).

ENTELEC is a unique community where one can arrive with a list of communication problems and leave with a list of people who can solve all your issues. Need a PLC? Need a switch, a radio, a SCADA system, analytics, security, cloud….the list goes on.

Problem Statement:

Data, connectivity, visualization, alarming, analytics, security; these words, among others, are the topic of conversation between customers, vendors, peers and colleagues in the industrial control space, specifically the energy sector.

The challenge for ENTELEC Association leadership was how to help the community better understand the available options. The solution was to build an “Innovations Lab” that allows vendors to collaborate during the conference on the exhibit hall floor. Providing simple demonstrations of how one can start with a simple tag, transport the tag and use that tag in a variety of ways.  

Operator Expectations

Come prepared with your questions and observe the demonstrations that will be scattered throughout the exhibit hall. Observe simple data from a sensor or PLC get published, visualized, historized and analyzed. Ask questions, spark discussions with peers and vendors alike. Learning and networking is what the community is all about.

Vendor Expectations

Partner with other vendors with booths, combine your strengths to demonstrate simple concepts. You have a sensor but  no gateway? Get connected with one or multiple gateway providers. You have data to publish but no way to visualize it? Get connected and collaborate with someone who does! The goal of the innovations lab is to bring the community closer together and connect in a new way.

Just the Beginning

The idea started in an ENTELEC board meeting and discussions in the exhibit hall. Industrial Networking Solutions (INS) led the charge, designing and configuring a core system to demonstrate LoRaWAN from RAD, PLC data from Opto22, edge compute from Stratus and connectivity from Cambium. In addition to the core system, there is an ENTELEC MQTT broker cloud hosted by Industrial Networking Solutions (INS) for any vendor to utilize during the conference. Sparkplug and MQTT is the bridge that makes it all possible. 

Thank you to all of the Innovations Lab Participants:

Industrial Networking Solutions (INS)

  • Designated & Configured Core System
  • ENTELEC MQTT Broker Cloud Host

HPE Aruba Networking

  • Access Points as a IoT platform
  • Centralized Management
  • User Experience Sensors (UXI)
  • Visualization of AI data

Cambium Networks

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Fixed wireless
  • Fiber solutions.


  • Rugged industrial Connected Edge Gateways. Available in ARM or X86 platforms. Support for Debian Linux and Windows. Deep integration with Azure, Device Lifecycle Management, and IEC 62443 certified OS

Canary Labs

  • Data Historian


  • IIOT Platform with Ignition


  • Polling. Protocol conversion. EFM

Cirrus Link Solutions

  • MQTT Sparkplug Connectivity
  • MQTT and Sparkplug Workshop


  • LoRaWAN gateways with Sync Automation capable of connecting any LoRaWAN sensor to the INS brocker
  • CBRS modems and routers able to connect assets to a CBRS pLTE network

New Star Energy Services

  • IoT Cloud & Edge Software; Ruggedized Industrial Gateways, Wireless Routers, eSIMs, 100 PPM LoRaWan Methane sensors

Motorola Solutions

  • LoRAWAN Gateway, pLTE, Edge connectivity, IoT/AI platform, Edge Computing and decision making

Opto 22

  • Edge gateway/PLC with local control data combined with data from a Rockwell PLC and a flow computer. Further, we’ll be providing a topic that can be written to for turning on/off a stacklight in our booth.
  • We are co-exhibiting with Cirrus Link Solutions, which will also provide MQTT/SpB assistance to others.


  • SCADA and Historian Software

Volley Boast LLC

  • LoRaWAN Endpoint or bridge between wired transmitters and a LoRaWAN. A sensor

Cheetah Networks

  • IoT network Analytics for LTE, 5G and other wireless networks

Digi International

  • Connectivity
  • CBRS Edge Devices
  • Private Wireless Edge Devices
  • Edge Devices
  • Managed Services
  • Sensors


  • wireless, edge computing


  • Field Services Management Platform with IoT/SCADA Systems Integration, analytics, and visualization.
  • Asset Management, Work Management, Issue Tracking/RCA, Digital Forms, Safety and Compliance, and Document Control

Sync Automation
• Connectivity, Visualization, Sensor

RAD Data

  • Gateway Hardware