Tuesday Education

Tuesday, April 2, 2024


8:30 AM-10:45 AM

340 AB | Speaker: Steve Scudder & Bayan Deanparvar | 2-Hour Training

Fiber Installation Training Presented by WAV – With Operator Input

The fiber installation training workshop is designed to equip field personnel with the fundamental skills and knowledge required to deploy a fiber optic network effectively and in accordance with industry standards. Participants will learn installation basics, industry standards, splicing/enclosure layout and testing. Learn from one of the largest operators in the Permian on how they are implementing fiber in the oilfield as they share best practices for planning, installation and maintenance. The workshop also includes best practices for fiber maintenance including hands-on prepping and splicing techniques. The program will take an in-depth look at the tools, training and staffing needed to support fiber in the field.


8:30 AM-9:30 AM

350 F | Speaker: Jeremiah Hannley | Case Study

Modernizing SCADA System To Deliver Operational Excellence for the Midstream/Oil and Gas Industry

Join us to walk through an award winning project where Streamline Control collaborated with a leading midstream/pipeline business in North America to replace their outdated SCADA system with modern technology built around open standards for communication. With a desire to enhance operational capabilities and provide real-time visibility of the system to remote and enterprise users, Streamline architected and deployed a modern SCADA system at all levels.


350 D | Speaker: Shereen Thor | Panel Discussion

Revolutionary Leader: How to lead in a world that is set up for you to follow

This session will empower you to harness your unique strengths, advocate for yourself and your values, and achieve your full potential, both personally and professionally. You will learn tools and strategies to identify and achieve your goals, overcome challenges, and live a more fulfilling life.


350 E | Speaker: Brian White | Technical Session

Wireless Technologies: Wi-Fi and Private Cellular in the Energy Sector

Join us for an overview of next-generation wireless technologies including Wi-Fi and Private Cellular Networking. Topics will include technology overviews, use-case discussions and strategic planning regarding incorporating these technologies into the unique industrial and energy production environments.


9:45 AM-10:45 AM

350 D | Speaker: Travis Cox | Technical Session

Best Practices for Using SCADA Technology

In this session, we will explore best practices for using SCADA technology. Learn how to make data accessible by building data models with context, how to leverage new smart sensors, tips on UI/UX design, how to leverage mobile devices, and best practices for security.


350 F | Speaker: Kevin Smith | Technical Session

Quantum the next Generation Wireless IIoT Gateway Solution

How to maximize your network using edge computing and protocol conversion, eliminating the need for HMI or PLC functionality in many networks


350 E | Speaker: Brundaban Sahoo | Technical Session

Smart Video Technology solving Operational Safety & Security Challenges

Today’s Smart Video Technology comprising High-resolution cameras with edge-based intelligence, A.I.-powered video analytics, remote/secure access control of facilities, workflow automation and integrated radio technology can provide most effective solutions for keeping different streams of oil & gas operations safe and secure. But if all of those solution elements are designed to operate alone, they will only create a bigger influx of data, demand for much higher data bandwidth for communication that may not be available all the time.  Hence, there is a need for a coordinated, integrated and analytics-based  solution by effective utilization of these elements to make it practically useful.


11:00 AM-12:00 PM

340 AB | Panelists: Jonathan Shawhart & Greg Kunkle | Panel Discussion

The Current State of the 6 GHz band for Oil & Gas Operations

Join this panel discussion to learn about the latest updates from the FCC regarding Automatic Frequency Coordination for the 6 GHz band.  We will take a deep look at the threats, challenges, and opportunities that oil and gas operators face with the new wireless spectrum.  Hear perspectives from legal experts regarding regulatory and compliance as well as how one major midstream company has prepared to navigate the challenges of open spectrum in order to protect their existing assets.  The audience will also learn about the AFC operation and rules vendors must follow to comply with the new FCC rules.


350 E | Speaker: Brad Berwald | Technical Session

Solar Powering the SMARTER Digital Oilfields of Tomorrow

Remote oil & gas fields and pipelines require critical power for ”Digital Oilfield” operations, because the more than 2 million miles of pipelines and over 65,000 extraction sites around the globe (over 9,000 of those off-shore) in the majority of oil& gas extraction operations are located nowhere near an electrical grid.  So in many situations, in order to get a reliable and long-life power source, solar electricity isn’t just a solution— it’s the best solution.

Solar is now established as a standard operating procedure method of powering digital oilfield operations including process automation, sensors and instrumentation, security and lighting, control and data management, pipeline integrity including cathodic protection, and much more.   Solar electricity has proven to be far more cost effective over the long term than other remote powering systems such as wind and generators.

The next step in solar’s role with digital oilfield operations is full operational integration, for seamless communications and site management and control.  Toward that end, new capabilities and technologies are being engineered into solar charging hardware and software to support and enable the full “embedding” of a solar powering system with existing site hardware such as PLCs and cloud-based SCADA platforms.  These next-generation SNMP-enabled solar charging platforms will fully integrate into and communicate with networked systems for full functionality in IoT applications, data analytical systems, control and automation systems, and much more. 

Operators interested in implementing the new smarter, fully network-able solar solutions for oil & gas applications will learn the essentials of system implementation and configuration, along with what certifications are required for compliance and safety using solar in oil and gas locations.


350 F | Speaker: Andrew Hinz | Panel Discussion

What is the Datacenter

“What is the Datacenter”. We’ll explore how Datacenters, pivotal to contemporary digital solutions, are increasingly integrating with Operational Technology (OT) environments. Our panel of experts will delve into the driving factors behind this shift, including the need for real-time data processing, improved security, and reduced latency. We’ll discuss the role of virtualization technologies in supporting this evolution, enhancing financial efficiency and operational flexibility. As we examine the convergence of datacenters and OT environments, we’ll consider how this union cultivates an agile, robust digital infrastructure capable of meeting the complex demands of our interconnected world.


350 D | Speaker: David Blanco | Technical Session

Successful Deployment Strategies of Edge Technologies

Successfully deploying edge technologies is an art. Like art, you have to start somewhere and where you draw that first line determines the rest of the work.

In this presentation, audience members will hear about conditions that are addressable by edge technologies, the technologies to use (“MQTT” tells you nothing, this is specific!), how to measure success, and the lesson learned during that process.


12:30 PM-1:30 PM

351 A-F | Moderator: Arlen Nipper | Panelists: Adam Runyan & Pugal Janakiraman Keynote Presentation

A Look from the Inside – The Digital Transformation Journey: People, Processes & Technology 

The energy sector is undergoing a profound transformation, driven by advancements in technology, efficiencies, profitability and the pressing need for sustainability. This discussion will explore how leading organizations are adapting to these challenges by integrating digital solutions to enhance operations, maximize safety, reduce costs and drive innovation. Panelists will share insights on how to foster a culture of transformation, navigate the evolving landscape of analytics, AI, ML, and IoT, and discuss the pivotal role of data-driven insights and AI capabilities to drive key business outcomes.

Sponsored by: OnLogic, Inc.


3:00 AM-4:00 PM

Exhibit Hall D, Booth #613 | Panelists: ICONICS & RAD

ENTELEC The Art of the Possible – Innovations Lab Theatre

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