Wednesday Education

9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Keynote Presentation  

The Cloud – A Key Enabler of Industry 4.0

Speaker: Franz X. Deimbacher, PhD – AWS – Head of Technology, Energy

This presentation will provide an overview of the cloud and its primary benefits, as well as, the measures taken to ensure reliability. The cloud is a natural progression to augment and enhance traditional IT and Telecom functions and professionals in these industries have a huge opportunity to increase their value to their employers by engaging in the cloud transformation.

We will discuss the future direction of cloud computing, specific examples of how the cloud has streamlined, secured, and enhanced industry workloads and creates a bridge between the cloud and the technologies ENTELEC attendees commonly leverage.

Sub topics specifically tailored for the ENTELEC audience includes:

  • Why the Cloud is more Secure than On Premise Data Centers?
  • Examples of Cloud-Enabled Workflows in various Industries
  • Edge-compute and Next Generation Connectivity
  • What’s next in Cloud Computing?

Opportunities for IT and Telecom Professionals to leverage the Cloud and join the Energy Industry transformation.


Franz X. Deimbacher has over 30 years oil/gas industry experience and has been with Amazon

Web Services since 2017 where he serves as the Head of Technology for Energy based in Houston, TX. Previously, Deimbacher was at IHSMarkit (now part of S&P Global), the world’s leading provider of critical information, analytics and expertise for major industries and markets worldwide. As the VP Energy he was responsible for the technical and business transformation of IHSMarkit as well as innovation. Before that, Deimbacher was with Schlumberger, the world’s largest oilfield technology company, where he served in senior technical, operational, and management roles in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Russia, and the US.

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10:15 AM – 11:15 AM

Network Quality of Experience Analytics – for Your People, Machines, and Applications – A Panel Discussion

Room: Technical Theatre 1, Exhibit Hall B3

Moderator: Louis Lambert, IoTALTE, ENTELEC Board Member, ENTELEC Technical Committee Member

For the last several years, industrial companies have focused on the efficiency of processes, connected people, and connected machines. Companies also have discovered that a critical part of the digital transformation is delivering high Quality of Experience to people, machines, and applications. Although efficiency is a good thing; it does not help attract or keep people; Quality of Experience does.

This panel will cover the available public and private 4G/5G /Cat-M opportunities, MEC, and other technologies developed to move more intelligence, more data, and faster decisions at the edge of the networks and how they plan to monitor these networks for Quality of Experience of people, machines and applications locally and globally

Session Objectives:

  • Explore how to gauge the Network Quality of Experience – for your people, machines, and applications
  • Explore how you can turn network edge device into a powerful network analytics tools
  • A look at what you can expect and deliver with powerful real-time network analytics

Category: Networks/Communications Infrastructures

Level of Presentation: All Levels

Intended Audience: If you are interested in understanding how 4G/5G and network Analytics can  deliver better business efficiency and transformation as well as Quality of Experience, this panel will be of great interest to you.


Louis Lambert

Louis is the founder and President of IoTALTE; a consulting company focused on wireless technology and associated network analytics. Before IoTALTE, Louis was SVP Marketing & BD at Redline. Louis built go-to-market strategies, teams, markets, and verticals, including O&G. Louis drove market entry and strategic wins for Redline’s proprietary PMP, WiMAX, and Private LTE.  Louis has a blog focused on 4G/5G/Analytics and currently serves on the board of ENTELEC.


Machine Learning and AI Applications on Edge Computing Platforms

Room: Technical Theatre 2, Exhibit Hall B3

Speaker: Andrew Hinz, Twin Eagle Solutions

By using Edge based intelligence you can use true edge computing to enable and facilitates IoT Sensor Devices that can manipulate captured data from the IoT Sensors/existing instrumentation. This enables the user(s) to use real-time data and historical data on a dashboard using an API and Web-sockets. By using Edge based decision making this enable the user to be very efficient with field resources and make better decisions to optimize production and reduce cost.

Session Objectives:

Educate the attendee on edge computing applications
Educate the user how AI and Machine learning can optimize field operations
Educate the suer by using machine learning/dasbao0rds to react to events quickly and efficiently

Category: SCADA Integration and Data Analytics

Level of Presentation: All Levels

Intended Audience: Field operations and management

Andrew Hinz has 15 plus years’ experience in Industrial controls system, remote data acquisition and analysis, wireless communication systems and remote video systems. Andrew has developed and implemented new technologies in Upstream and Midstream applications of video and audio. Andrew holds 2 patents in electrical safety and monitoring technologies and is a co-publisher of peer reviewed electrical safety papers in medical journals.



11:30 AM – 12:30 PM

SCADA and IoT A Year in Review….and What’s Ahead Panel Discussion

Room: Technical Theatre 1, Exhibit Hall B3

Moderator: Doug Miller, Conoco Phillips, ENTELEC Technical Committee Chair, ENTELEC Board Member

The focus of this “A Year in Review” panel is to look back at what was discussed on last year’s panel discussions, what was accomplished, changes in the tech/industry, old/new challenges. The panel of experts will review the technology, obstacles, and provide opinions on how we overcome the issues. The panel will discuss changes for the better or worse since last year, and how/if the industry is starting to adapt to the new technology faster?

Doug Miller, ENTELEC Board Member & Technical Committee Chair, ConocoPhillips

 As an ICS Sr. Architect for ConocoPhillips, I am proud of my work designing and deploying ConocoPhillips ICS systems.  Primarily I am focused on bridging the gap between the IT and the OT to improve data integration(s), security and gain operational efficiencies. Prior to working for ConocoPhillips, I was the senior systems engineer at RFIP and an information specialist for the Missouri Department of Transportation.



Using AI to Automate Asset Inspections – Drone Data Capture Best Practices and Transmission Line Use Case 

Room: Technical Theatre 2, Exhibit Hall B3

Speaker: David Tran, Optelos & Jean Paul Juneau, FlyGuys

We will cover the considerations and steps involved in implementing a successful computer vision AI program for power utilities, including:
– Program objectives: Specific goals/problems you are trying to address with your drone inspection program.
– Equipment considerations: Drone hardware, sensors, flight patterns and data capture techniques to achieve program objectives.
– Data management: Plan for managing the vast amounts of data involved in an AI inspection program.
– AI Workflow: Implementing end-to-end workflow for AI and training to improve AI engine accuracy over time.
– Delivering results: Data visualization, dashboards, workflows and systems integrations required to automate action and improve organizational productivity

Session Objectives:

1) Goal setting: Understand how your specific program goals will drone hardware, sensor and data capture techniques.
2) Best Practices: Key steps and considerations when implementing a computer vision AI inspection program.
3) Key metrics and outputs: Results experienced by power utilities that have implemented an end-to-end AI-enabled asset inspection program.

Category: Digitization, AI and Emerging Technologies 

Level of Presentation: All Levels

Intended Audience: This presentation is intended for enterprises that are interested in understanding whether they would benefit from computer vision AI, what’s involved in implementing an AI inspection program, and what steps they can take to begin exploring the opportunity.


David Tran is the CEO and Co-Founder of Optelos, a leading provider of AI based computer vision and visual data management software. At Optelos David drives the organization’s strategic growth, partnership development, and oversees it’s talented and passionate staff. David holds a EE degree from Texas A&M and an MBA from SMU.




Jean Paul (JP) Juneau is a Project Manager at FlyGuys, where he is responsible for drone services and the FlyGuys drone pilot network. An experienced FAA-licensed pilot, JP has flown hundreds of infrastructure, construction and agricultural projects for enterprise customers across the US. He has deep experience with a range of commercial drones and sensors for gathering geospatial inspection data. JP holds a BA in Business Administration from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.





12:45 PM – 1:45 PM

LoRaWAN a Mature Technology for Oil & Gas Panel Discussion

Room: Technical Theatre 1, Exhibit Hall B3

Moderator: Daniel Quant, Multitech, ENTELEC RT IoT Committee Chair  

LoRaWAN® is a cost-effective and quick to deploy Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN) that provides long range data capture from constrained, often stranded, battery operated devices and sensors to cloud-based data platforms and On-Premise SCADA systems. LoRaWAN empowers O&G businesses to improve operations with reduced operational costs; improved worker safety, and provide environmental and social governance compliance.

As LoRaWAN® is an ITU-approved international and open standard, it has a broad number of applications that can create the answer to many digitization challenges such as condition-based monitoring, valve positioning and monitoring, pump monitoring, pressure and temperature sensing, chemical tank level optimization, and environmental and worker safety monitoring. 

This discussion panel is delivered to you by the Industrial IoT sub-committee and the Industrial work group within the LoRa Alliance®.   

Session Objectives:

  • Overview of LoRaWAN applications, why, how & RoI
    • Why LoRaWAN is a mature technology in IIoT
    • How data collected by LoRaWAN deployments can be leveraged
    • Demonstrated RoI in deployments
  • Environmental Governance – Can’t manage unless you can monitor
  • Worker safety and asset tracking
  • Connecting stranded assets in green & brownfield deployments
  • Hazardous ratings and where it makes sense

Category: IIoT Applications, Networks, Communications Infrastructures

Level of Presentation: All Levels

Panelists will demonstrate how LoRaWAN technology is already successfully deployed in applications globally in Energy and Oil & Gas.


  • Philippe Daroux, Chevron
  • Anu Mahesh, Yokogawa
  • Mike Fahrion, MultiTech
  • Quming Zhau, FlowServe
  • Clint Guillory, Sync Automation
  • Ashley Pope, Oxit

Moderator Daniel Quant Develops corporate strategies that grow market share within high growth markets. Identifying new business trends, incubating innovation internally and within industrial market segments, creating partner ecosystems that accelerate enterprise digital transformation and revenue growth. He works closely with international customers and organizations, representing MultiTech at standardization groups, leading committees within technology and vertical industrial associations.



Edge Alarming Provides Real Time Cost Savings and Operational Insight for Oil & Gas Production Company

Room: Technical Theatre 2, Exhibit Hall B3
Speaker: John Stratton, FreeWave Technologies & Dennis Stipati, FreeWave Technologies
In this session we will take a look at how one oil and gas company leveraged real-time edge solutions to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency.
Session Objectives:
1. Why you might consider an edge data software platform
2. How to implement a compatible solution
3. How to do all this without requiring MQTT
Category: SCADA Integration and Data Analytics
Level of Presentation: All Levels
Intended Audience: Anyone who is responsible for the production and operational success of their industrial equipment, and their trusted partners and advisors: Director/Manager, Engineer, Communications Technician, SCADA, Analysts/Consultants, Sales/Bus Dev


John Stratton
John is an experienced product manager, designer, and engineer who has led industrial and agriculture companies to create and deliver transformational digital technology products, and helped partners and customers make the most of them. His passion for customer experience makes sure that the problems we are solving are the ones that matter.



Dennis Stipati
Dennis’ technical experience spans from launching wireless to broadband and now edge computing and IIoT solutions. He has been instrumentally involved in deploying some of the best technologies in the industry with some of the best brands out there. Dennis has a pragmatic view on helping his customers find the solution that works best for their situation with a keen eye on solving business problems with positive, bottom line results.



2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Creating Value in the Future Energy Economy: IR4.0

Room: Technical Theatre 2, Exhibit Hall B3

Speaker: Dr. Mauricio Subieta, Nokia 

The future of our planet and the world economies are in our hands, the challenges are great and through information and communication technologies we are developing the 4th industrial revolution achievable. Digitalization and automation, tools of the 4th Industrial Revolution, are essential to meeting these challenges. During the presentation we will cover the advances in technology that will create value in the Industry 4.0 world and in the future energy economy. We will explore enablers like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Industrial Internet of Things, and high capacity/low latency networks that are taking advantage of IP, Optics and 5G evolution.

Session Objectives:

– Explain the challenges that are achievable through Information and Communication technologies for the 4th Industrial Revolution in the energy segment.
– Digitalization and Automation technologies that will drive the path
– Networks as the nervous system for value creation on IR:4.0

Category: Digitization, AI and Emerging Technologies 

Level of Presentation: All Levels

Intended Audience: Energy Industry leaders, IT and OT Directors/Supervisors, Digital Transformation Advisors 


Dr. Mauricio Subieta is the Energy CTO for North America, leads the Industrial Cyber Security Program and is the technical lead for the Private Wireless Networks (LTE and 5G) Nokia’s Enterprise division focused on the energy segment including electric utilities, oil and gas, and mining. Dr. Subieta’s areas of research and expertise cover next generation wired and wireless networking architectures (5G), network traffic characterization and optimization, protocol design, system development, etc.


Impact of Cybersecurity Regulations on Critical Infrastructure – Silver Scribe 1st Place Winner


Mike Allen, (was Jonathan O’Connor), Motorola Solutions

Room: Technical Theatre 2, Exhibit Hall B3

Recent high-profile cybersecurity attacks and data breaches highlight the importance of regulations that govern mission critical enterprises. While the NERC-CIP regulations brought some cyber preparedness to the power/utility sector, the latest regulations have expanded to include Oil & Gas, including pipelines. Now all companies are obligated to implement a stringent baseline and enhanced security measures in addition to periodic Federal Agency reporting.

The convergence of IT and OT technologies has also posed some challenges in the Oil & Gas market. Connectivity has increased exponentially and so have the endpoints. ICS platforms (SCADA) in OT are being integrated with IT platforms leading to vulnerabilities in both environments.

Session Objectives:

Regulatory aspects governing the following cybersecurity measures:

  1. Cybersecurity governance and standards
  2. Detection and prevention
  3. Incident response and recovery

Category: Cyber Security/Physical Security

Level of Presentation: All Levels

Intended Audience: Individuals that would like to learn more about the regulatory aspects governing critical infrastructure in the oil and gas markets


Mike Allen is a cybersecurity services manager at Motorola Solutions. He has partnered with government, public safety, and commercial organizations to help support and develop cybersecurity solutions for their environments. Mike has been in the cybersecurity industry for the last ten years and holds a certification in Cloud Security Knowledge, CCSK.



3:15 PM – 4:15 PM

To Fiber or Not To Fiber in Oil Fields – Case Study Discussion

Room: Technical Theatre 1, Exhibit Hall B3

Moderator: Candice King, GE MDS, ENTELEC Board Member, ENTELEC Technical Committee Member

Traditionally, Oil and Gas companies have used wireless communications for their solutions at oil wells and down the pipelines for monitoring, but if you have Fiber, is that wireline solution better? This session will discuss opportunities and applications for use with Fiber that have been traditionally used by wireless vendors. Our experts will also be available to help companies understand why Fiber can be used for more than just the backbone of Corporate networks.

Evolving Hybrid Communication Networks Using Several Technologies – Fiber, Microwave, Outdoor Wi-Fi Mesh, Narrow-band and Spread Spectrum Radios

Room: Technical Theatre 2, Exhibit Hall B3

Speaker: Dan Steele, Hitachi Energy

Discussion on evolving Hybrid Communication Networks using several technologies – Fiber, Microwave, Outdoor Wi-Fi Mesh, Narrow-band and Spread Spectrum radios, LTE 4G and 5G Cellular and MQQT technologies.

Session Objectives:

New Communications Technologies
Hybrid Networks are used everyday
Mesh and redundancy ensures communication service

Category:Networks/Communications Infrastructures  

Intended Audience: IT Managers and SCADA Communications Managers


Daniel G. Steele is the wireless specialist for the Oil & Gas market for Hitachi Energy (formerly ABB) in North America. Dan Steele has more than 35 years’ experience selling communication products for SCADA networks in the oil and gas, water & wastewater, electric utilities, railroad, robotic, irrigation, mining, traffic and process control instrumentation markets. Some of Steele’s previous experience incl



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