The ENTELEC Association is proud to present a series of Pre-Conference Webinars in advance of the upcoming ENTELEC 2020 Conference & Expo. We invite you and your team to participate in each of the following FREE webinars; a quick registration is required for each webinar you would like to attend. 

Each year, the ENTELEC Technical Committee selects technical abstracts that they feel are the most complete and informative presentations at the conference. The prestigious award is known as the Silver Scribe. As part of the ENTELEC Pre-Conference webinar series, ENTELEC is proud to bring several of these Silver Scribe sessions directly to you as webinars.

In addition to the Silver Scribe sessions, the Pre-Conference webinar series will include session topics that are part of the conference program such as CBRS and ENTELEC Regulatory & Technology Committee topics.  

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MQTT SCADA Communications Architectures in an IIoT World 

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

10:00 am central

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Presenter: Chad McGraw, Honeywell

Remote operations enabling personnel to work from home or other offsite location may not be a novel concept but it has become essential to maintaining business continuity. Security within these remote environments is even more critical as bad actors recognize the opportunity to do harm!

MQTT, and the closely related Sparkplug B SCADA protocol, are promising to either, greatly reduce communications data costs, or to allow a significant increase in the amount of data coming from remote assets over limited bandwidth networks. The result is improved visibility and analytics, increasing process optimization opportunities.

This webinar examines architectures, mobility, and efficiency for both remote operations and core SCADA functionality.


Chad McGraw is SCADA, Pipelines, & Terminals Marketing Manager at Honeywell.  He has over 30 years’ experience in industrial automation, networking, IT, and hosted software solutions across a wide range of industries.  Chad focuses on emerging technologies being introduced to SCADA applications and finding ways to use them to increase value and return on investment.



Planning Communications Infrastructure for Mission-Critical Mobility

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

10:00 am central

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Presenter: Ishaq Mian Redline Communications

Instrumentation and control systems are going mobile in mission-critical infrastructure industries. This demands a change in how communications networks have traditionally been planned and deployed in these industries. Mobility is becoming a key functional requirement and LTE is the technology of choice to fulfill this requirement.

Building private LTE networks for these industries poses two key challenges: Spectrum and engineering requirements imposed by the critical nature of instrumentation and control systems operating in extreme environments. The spectrum challenge is being addressed by regulators across the globe and has been a topic of discussion in previous events. This session will focus on the second challenge, i.e., how practitioners must plan their communications infrastructure for mobility in mission-critical infrastructure industries.

Objectives of this webinar:

  • Briefly review the latest trends in digital transformation of mission-critical industries and what it means for instrumentation and control systems.
  • Review functional and non-functional requirements imposed on the underlying communications infrastructure by the rapidly transforming mission-critical systems.
  • Introduce a framework for planning communications networks for mission-critical mobility.


Presenter: Ishaq Mian, Vice President of Sales Engineering, leads the solutions engineering and management teams to align Redline’s products and services solutions to customers’ business needs and challenges. Ishaq has over two decades of industrial telecom experience with manufacturers and direct end users, including previous roles at Hydro One, Ericsson, and Nokia. Ishaq is a doctoral candidate at George Washington University and holds an MBA from York University Schulich School of Business and an MEng in Computer Networks from Ryerson University in Toronto.




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