The ENTELEC Association is proud to present a series of Pre-Conference Webinars in advance of the upcoming ENTELEC 2020 Conference & Expo. We invite you and your team to participate in each of the following FREE webinars; a quick registration is required for each webinar you would like to attend. 

Each year, the ENTELEC Technical Committee selects technical abstracts that they feel are the most complete and informative presentations at the conference. The prestigious award is known as the Silver Scribe. As part of the ENTELEC Pre-Conference webinar series, ENTELEC is proud to bring several of these Silver Scribe sessions directly to you as webinars.

In addition to the Silver Scribe sessions, the Pre-Conference webinar series will include session topics that are part of the conference program such as CBRS and ENTELEC Regulatory & Technology Committee topics.  

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Converged FAN – A Service-Centric LTE Network for Oil & Gas

**Silver Scribe 1st Place Winner**

(This event has pasted, but the Video is posted in the Members Only area of the website.)
Speakers: Hansen Chan Chan, Nokia & Jamie Laguna, Nokia
Field Automation Network (FAN) is the foundation for oil & gas transformation as the industry strives to produce efficiently while it goes farther and deeper to drill. This session will explore a converged FAN architecture which, by innovatively combining private LTE and IP/MPLS, brings robust, reliable and secure broadband services everywhere for onshore and offshore facilities as well as pipeline systems. Its service-centric capability ensures safety-critical industrial applications such as automation and IoT are constantly up and running with high performance. This architecture can fully embrace 5G while protecting LTE investment. It is also cloud-friendly, serving as the pivotal communication platform..


  • 1. How can LTE provide robust and QoS-enabled radio coverage everywhere to support PTT, critical voice/video and data.
  • 2. How can IP/MPLS in FAN provide custom service capability for OT and IT applications, as well as seamlessly unifies private LTE domains and commercial LTE services as one, providing maximum coverage flexibility for the industry
  • 3. How to evolve to 5G while protecting LTE investment

Category: Networks/Communication Infrastructures
Intended Audience: Communications specialist and architect who wants to explore a scalable and evolvable architecture that can support Application engineers who wants to understand how to reliably harness ubiquitous connectivity to run safety-critical applications
Level: All Levels

Hansen Chan is a senior marketing manager for the IP portfolio at Nokia with a special focus on industries. He has over 25 years of experience in router product management, networking design & consulting and protocol testing, . He is also a technology inventor with a number of patents awarded.




Jaime Laguna Ramirez is the Global Practice Segment Leader for Oil & Gas and Mining in Nokia. He has been working for Nokia 19 years, most of them dedicated into the Energy Segment. Before coming to the US, as Global Oil & Gas and Mining resource, he was Business Development Manager for South East Asia and later Asia Pacific region in the Energy segment, supporting Mining and Oil & Gas markets. Originally from Mexico, back in 2001, he was the Key Account Manager for Strategic Industries division, working directly with local and international EPC’s and Mexico’s Oil State Company.

Main activities and projects are related to the development of Wireless Technologies, Telecom Packages for open pit and underground mines, offshore platforms, refineries and LNG Plants were Mission Critical Networks are required looking also into the development and interoperability of applications.
He has a bachelor’s degree in Science in Electronic and Communications Engineering, with a Post Grade in Finance.

The Impact of the Upcoming CBRS Auction, 6 GHz R&O, and the 900 MHz Band – How to Protect Your Company

Thursday, May 21, 2020
10:30 am central

(This event has pasted, but the Video is posted in the Members Only area of the website.)

Join a complimentary webinar hosted by the ENTELEC Regulatory & Technology Committee discussing the hottest regulatory issues that currently impact ENTELEC’s members.  Expert panelists will discuss compliance issues, security concerns and highlight specific use cases for the upcoming CBRS Auction of spectrum in the 3.55-3.70 GHz band, the FCC’s recent Report & Order that permits unlicensed operations in the 6 GHz band, and the forthcoming FCC Order that will endorse rebanding the 900 MHz band.  All of these active proceedings will significantly impact ENTELEC members in different ways.  Tune in to find out how the impact will be felt and what you should do to protect your company!

This webinar is led by the ENTELEC Regulatory and Technology Committee Leadership

RT Committee Chair: Wes Wright, Keller & Heckman LLC

RT Committee Co-Chair Cory Moffatt, Crenshaw Communications Consulting, LLC

  • Compliance/Spectrum: Greg Kunkle, Keller & Heckman, LLC & Al Sinopoli, Chevron
  • Cyber Security: Dan NagalaUTSI International Corporation & Mike Tillman, Williams Inc.
  • FCC/Towers: Cory Moffat, Crenshaw Communications Consulting, LLC
  • Industrial IOT: Daniel Quant. Multi-Tech Systems & Billy Hayes, Williams Inc.


Using Edge Automation to Increase Network Efficiency in Wellpad Automation Where Spectrum is Constrained Due to Interference or Licensing Costs

**Silver Scribe 3rd Place Winner**

Wednesday, June 10, 2020
10:00 am central

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Speaker: Bruce Collins, Cambium Networks
Spectrum continues to be a scarce commodity due to noise floors and licensing restrictions while the need for more data acquisition and SCADA polling continues to increase. One method to address this challenge is to move the polling and intelligence to the edge of the network. Moving the SCADA polling engine to the wellpad enables faster polling cycles and more registers while actually reducing the network load when leveraging MQTT or bulk register reads.


    • 1. Present real-world examples of integrating edge logic, edge polling and MQTT transport to increase networking efficiency in areas where spectrum is constrained.
    • 2. Attendees will learn the concepts of edge intelligence, MQTT transport and techniques for polling serial, GPIO and IP-based sensors at the edge.
    • 3. Discuss MQTT as an alternative standard for doing publish/subscribe vs. centralized polling.

Category: SCADA & Business Analytics
Intended Audience: Network Architects, SCADA Process Control Engineers, Automation teams
Level: All Levels

Bruce Collins has global market responsibility for the planning, development and delivery of Industrial Internet of Things communications solutions for the Industrial and Smart City verticals. He has product responsibilities in SCADA process control narrow-band solutions, IoT Gateway and LPWA solutions. Bruce has experience developing communications solutions for the Industrial, National Defense, Wireless service provider and Tier 1 Wireline carier markets.




CBRS for Utilities – What is OnGo?

Wednesday, June 24, 2020
10:30 am central

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During this one-hour webinar, Ewing and Jacobs will discuss provide an overview of OnGo technology and how it can be used to access private 4G-LTE and 5G wireless networks through the CBRS 3.5 GHz band. The webinar will set the foundation prior to the panel during ENTELEC’s event in August that will detail use cases on how Oil & Gas sponsor members benefit from OnGo networks to improve productivity, accelerate digital transformation and increase security with seamless connectivity using Industry standard based broadband wireless technology.

Objectives of this webinar:

  1. Provide an overview of OnGo technology
  2. Update on the progress made to deploy an OnGo private 4G-LTE wireless network and where the technology is going in the future
  3. Provide a high-level overview of the different use cases in Oil & Gas segments
  4. Explanation of what to expect from the upcoming Panel at ENTELEC in August


Alan Ewing is the Executive Director of the CBRS Alliance, an industry consortium of more than 100 wireless and telecom organizations who believe that LTE-based solutions in the 3.5 GHz band, utilizing shared spectrum, can enable both in-building and outdoor coverage and capacity expansion at massive scale. 



Kurt Jacobs Director, Solutions  JMA Wireless. Kurt has over 20 years of emerging communication technologies development and system deployment experience.  For JMA he leads solution and ecosystem development activities for mobile connectivity in the enterprise, industrial, government and large venue markets.  He is an active contributor and advisor to numerous industry technology alliances and consortiums to include the Alliance for Telecommunication Industry Solutions, CBRS Alliance, FCC and other 5G initiatives for Smart City, Smart Building, Connected Car, IoT and UAS.  Kurt’s previous companies include NEC and technology startups in the enterprise communications market. He recently retired from a 30 year active and reserve duty career as a US Navy officer serving in numerous global assignments.