On Demand Sessions

5G and IIoT: The Future of Oilfield Communications.

Applications and Architectures for Business Value at the Edge

Are Tech and Telecom Surveillance & Data Mining Business Practices Legal?

Converged FAN – A Service-Centric LTE Network for Oil & Gas ***Silver Scribe 1st Place Winner***

Designing Light Systems in Oil Fields: How Off-Grid Solar Provides Reliable Power in Hazardous Environments

Digital Transformation Challenges in Pipeline Control Centers

Heading to the Edge & The Politics of Digital Transformation

IOT Device Monitoring and Integration

Is Your Network Ready for a ‘Cloudy” World?

LTE Cellular Modem Best Practices for Head-to-Head Testing

MQTT SCADA Communications Architectures in an IIoT World

New Perspectives on Cyber Security for Radio and LTE Field Area Networks

Planning Communications Infrastructure for Mission-Critical Mobility

Private Industrial LTE Operations Simplified Through Self Organizing Network (SON)

Remote Communication Power & Back-up Strategies Meets the 2020 World of 4IR & IoT

Remote Operations for Work-From-Home and the Changing Role for Your Remote Operations Center using Today’s Technologies

Security Considerations for Edge Computing

Using Edge Automation to Increase Network Efficiency in Wellpad Automation Where Spectrum is Constrained Due to Interference or Licensing Costs ***Silver Scribe 3rd Place Winner***

Utility Converged Critical Communications – LMR, LTE, and Satellite Network Architecture

Wireless Network Debate: To Build or Lease