Thursday Education

Thursday, May 11, 2023


9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Keynote Session: The Journey to Scale with Mobile, Industrial Inspection Robots

Keynote Presenter – Chris McCasky, Boston Dynamics

Room: Technology Theatre, Exhibit Hall D

Boston Dynamics specializes in the development of mobile robotics and has a history at the forefront of this technology. We invite you to hear, see and experience the latest robotics technology being deployed and utilized today. Chris McCasky, Global Oil & Gas,
has a track record of helping Industrial IT and Operations teams embrace digital transformation to improve performance and you’ll hear and see how robotics are a key piece to greater efficiencies, safety and reduced costs. This interactive presentation will cover:

• Boston Dynamics History as the Leader in Mobile Robotics
• Journey from Research to Commercialization
• Macro-market Overview of Mobile Robot Adoption
• Industrial Inspection Applications
• AI and ML integration
• Use Cases of How Industrial Customers are Deploying at Scale Today

Don’t miss this interactive presentation and the opportunity to see the latest robotics technology in person!

Chris leads the global Oil & Gas sales focus at Boston Dynamics. He has a proven track record in helping Industrial IT and Operations teams embrace digital transformation to improve performance. Chris brings a 10 year history of enterprise sales success serving customers in the Energy, Mining and Industrial sectors. He has successfully partnered with industrial customers to drive digital change across their organizations from the enterprise level.

Prior to Boston Dynamics, Chris held sales leadership roles at industrial companies like Honeywell along with IIoT sensor providers. He began his professional career in finance, attained his MBA from the University of Colorado, and spent several years in the financial sector. He also holds a Bachelor of Business degree from the University of Colorado

Chris resides in Denver, CO with his family of four. When not developing new markets for disruptive technologies, Chris can be found outdoors fly fishing, golfing, and camping.


10:30 AM – 11:15 AM

Ramping up to Private 5G: Unleashing Broadband Wireless to Upstream & Downstream Applications Panel Discussion

Room: Technology Theatre, Exhibit Hall D

Private 5G cellular networks are forecasted to scale across worldwide markets exceeding $8B in equipment shipments by 2026 according to IDC. Connecting industrial assets with broadband low-latency ultra-reliable connectivity capable of automating assets, digitizing workflows and providing enterprise mobility to workers and their safety. Is 5G already here today and are industrial enterprises already building the networks of the future connecting assets with a clear RoI. If not when, where and how?  

This discussion is for all those wanting a better understanding of how industry standards-based, wireless cellular communication, converges voice, enhanced mobile broadband, IoT assets and sensors, ultra-reliable, low-latency application and worker safety/mobility in a single network topography


Daniel Quant,

Multi-Tech Systems, Inc,

ENTELEC IoT Committee Chair


Al Sinopoli
Brundaban Sahoo
Joel Albert
George Oakes
Ian Chan
Future Tech
Corie Allemand

Intelligent Video Edge Panel Discussion: Automating Method 9/Method 21/22 EPA Reporting Using Optical Solutions

Room: Challenge Theatre, Exhibit Hall D

The process of automating Method 21 and Method 22 reporting can be a complex undertaking. There are many different approaches to accomplish this goal and a lot of potential challenges. To better understand the issue, the panel discussion will inlcude stakeholders and subject matter experts. The panel discussion will include representatives from each of the scopes of work involved in the process such as operations, engineering, regulatory, software solutions, and reporting staff.


Andrew Hinz

Stratus Technologies


Kaylor Greenstreet
Twin Eagle Solutions
Chris Medina
Robert Ward
Kuva Systems
Briana Ferguson
IEE Solutions LLC
 Jared Hoover
True North Solutions 
Scott Williams

11:30 PM – 12:15 PM

Intelligent Data Gathering: Migrating to Edge Technologies and Cloud Integration Panel Discussion

Room: Challenge Theatre, Exhibit Hall D

As the Internet of Things (IoT) expands and the demand for real-time data processing and analytics grows, organizations are increasingly exploring the potential of edge technologies for data gathering, coupled with cloud-based publishing solutions. This panel discussion brings together industry experts, technology leaders, and practitioners to discuss strategies, best practices, and challenges associated with migrating data gathering to edge technologies and publishing to the cloud.


Darin Molone



David Blanco
Scott Williams
Arran DavidsonWood
Chuck Smith


1:15 PM – 2:00 PM

MicroSegmentation Panel Discussion

Room: Technology Theatre, Exhibit Hall D

Micro-segmentation can be beneficial to both OT and IT departments by providing a more granular and effective approach to network security. However, implementing and managing micro-segmentation requires careful planning and coordination between departments and stakeholders to ensure the approach is effective and aligned with your organizational objectives. This session will introduce micro-segmentation for industrial networks and discuss various technologies and strategies used to implement micro-segmentation in the industrial networking space.


Brian Gore, Chevron; ENTELEC Board Member, past President





Carlos Sanchez
David Garcia
Cisco Systems
Dan Demers