Thursday Education

Thursday, April 4, 2024

9:00 AM-10:00 AM

350 E | Speaker: Valerie Schneider | Case Study

Stratus Technologies and Colonial Pipeline Partnership: Enhancing Edge Compute Considerations for Pipeline Operations and Cybersecurity

In an era of rapidly evolving technology and increasing demand for efficient energy transportation, the collaboration between Stratus Technologies and the Colonial Pipeline has opened new avenues for enhancing edge computing capabilities and bolstering cybersecurity in critical infrastructure. This presentation delves into the innovative partnership between Stratus Technologies and the Colonial Pipeline sector, focusing on how this collaboration is reshaping the landscape of edge computing and cybersecurity for pipeline operations. As we explore this partnership, we will examine key considerations for leveraging edge computing to optimize pipeline operations. Stratus Technologies’ state-of-the-art solutions offer unparalleled reliability and real-time performance, crucial for maintaining the integrity of pipeline networks. We will discuss the implementation of edge computing solutions, their benefits in reducing latency, and the potential for predictive maintenance, all of which contribute to enhanced operational efficiency and cost savings. Cybersecurity is of paramount concern in the pipeline industry, given its critical role in energy transportation. This presentation will also shed light on the cybersecurity measures implemented in the partnership, including advanced threat detection, secure data transmission, and proactive risk mitigation strategies. We will explore how these initiatives are safeguarding pipeline infrastructure against cyber threats and ensuring the uninterrupted flow of vital resources. The Stratus Technologies and Pipeline partnership represents a pivotal step toward the integration of cutting-edge technology into critical infrastructure, revolutionizing the way we manage pipeline operations and protect against cybersecurity threats.

350 D | Speaker: Daniel Steele | Technical Session

Wireless Hybrid Networks using Mixed Technologies – the future of Oil & Gas Field Communications and Cybersecurity Protection

Increasingly, Oil & Gas companies are deploying intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) Remote Terminal Units (RTU’s) Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s) and other smart apparatus on Oil & Gas (O & G) well pads along with (Saltwater Disposal sites) SWD and LACT (Local Area Custody Transfer) units and Gas Pipelines. As well as equipping O & G field workers with laptop, tablet and handheld computers. They are also installing specialized edge computers and MQTT software on Oil & Gas Pad locations, plus enterprise software applications in their data centers to automate various facets of utility operations. These technologies are often labeled Smart Field. They enable valuable applications such as SCADA and IT information, Oil & Gas Well.


10:15 AM-11:15 AM

350 E | Speaker: Joe Morgan | Panel Discussion

How to Empower Remote Monitoring with 5G

More and more devices are connecting to the Internet of Things (IoT) each day, so why aren’t we using substations? Utility organizations are already investing to meet these advancing technology requirements and keeping their eyes on the prize. This panel discussion brings together industry experts from Axis Communications, Solis Energy, Magos Systems, and Sierra Wireless to explore what implementing 5G means for substations across industries and explores the benefits of connecting to a 5G network in order to use remote monitoring solutions.


350 D | Speaker: Louis Lambert | Technical Session

Migrating from Overclouded 900ISM band

The once ubiquitous 900 MHz ISM band connected industrial sensors. These veteran devices will be retired as manufacturers announce the end-of-life, abandoning the congested band. The industry has choices for migration. Choices include LTE, P-LTE, new satellite technologies, maintaining current towers and poles, and leveraging a superior, more reliable UHF broadband spectrum. A new breed of UHF devices leveraging the unused UHF TV Channels (White Space) is making waves and enabling broadband wireless at greater range and with all the required security attributes the IIoT world needs. This presentation, we will compare the alternatives. We will look at what technology to use and build a technology matrix to choose what to do where.


12:30 AM-1:30 PM

Exhibit Hall D, Booth #613 | Panel

ENTELEC The Art of the Possible: Live Q&A – Innovations Lab Theatre

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