Innovation Lab – Vendor Participation

ENTELEC Vendor Community

The Innovation Lab is going to be an exciting new addition to the exhibit hall and we are looking forward to your participation!  If you are interested in participating in the Innovation Lab please send an email to the contact info below.  Your participation could come in multiple forms, ranging from a sensor to analytics.  The Industrial IoT subcommittee is helping facilitate partnerships between participating vendors, so lets get you connected!

ENTELEC is hosting a cloud based MQTT broker.  Any vendor that wants to publish data to this broker can request access.  You will be provided credentials allowing ‘subscribe all’ and publish access to your specific namespace.

Please complete the form below if you would like to participate:

Innovation Lab - Vendor Participation

Contact Information

Are you a current Associate (Vendor) Member of ENTELEC?(Required)
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Participation Questions

What Service are you offering to the vendor community?(Required)
(i.e. a sensor, connectivity, visualization, analytics, et cetera)
Will you require access to the broker?(Required)
Do you require assistance connecting your booth to the cloud broker?(Required)
(The ENTELEC core system can assist)