Gamma Electronics Inc.

Gamma Electronics develops innovative solutions for wire and cable identification, as well as complete connection, conductor, joint and terminal protection products. This includes heat shrink tubing, marking machines, protective tapes, weather-proofing, shrinkable molded parts, cable identification and non-shrinkable tubes. Our main products are Cold Shrink Tubing, Slide Locks, Weatherproofing Boots, and Low PIM Cables.

2818 Metropolitan Place
Suite A
Pomona, CA 91767 United States

(909) 860-1479


Fiber Optics
IT/OT Networks (Network Architecture & Design)
LTE / Private LTE
Private Wireless Networks
Radio: Mobile/ Cellular/ SMR/ Paging
Spectrum: Unlicensed or Licensed
Terrestrial Wireless Technologies
Tower Infrastructure - Antennas
Tower Infrastructure - Antennas/ Towers/ Lighting/ Accessories
Tower Infrastructure - Grounding & Surge Protection
Tower Infrastructure - Regulatory
Tower Infrastructure - RF Safety/ Safety
Voice: Networks/Network Architecture & Design
VSAT/USAT Hub Satellite Technology