GE Industrial Communications (GE MDS) provides energy companies best-in-class solutions with exceptional reliability by offering the broadest range of end-to-end communication products, network management, and professional services. With over 30 years of experience building industrial radios and over 2 million sites connected, GE MDS brings industry leading experience to your applications worldwide.

Our portfolio includes wireless radios for unlicensed and licensed communication in a variety of frequencies, industrial 4G LTE cellular routers and gateways, microwave high capacity backhauls, as well as a full portfolio of professional services, training, and accessories. These wireless networks carry serial and IP/Ethernet traffic, as well as analog and digital I/O signals connected directly to field devices and sensors, accommodating an extensive array of industrial protocols. With many legacy devices in the field today, GE MDS offers migration solutions to evolve your networks. With a focus on electric, water and gas utilities, our industrial wireless routers and modems are packaged, rated and tested to harsh specifications.

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