As a member of ENTELEC, you have the opportunity to join the Regulatory & Technology Committee. As part of the R & T Committee members can participate in Quarterly Calls, Monthly and Quarterly Webinars.

The Regulatory & Technology Committee was formed to address pressing regulatory developments of interest to ENTELEC’s membership. Consistent with the association’s Bylaws, the mission of the ENTELEC Regulatory &Technology Committee is “to share information and take advocacy positions in legislative, administrative, regulatory, and judicial proceedings on behalf of the association as are necessary to promote engineering, design, construction, maintenance, administration, and operation of telecommunications, automation, electrical power, information processing systems, and other electrical and electronic facilities employed in the energy industries.” Wes Wright, Keller and Heckman LLP, serves as the Chair of the Committee and Cory Moffat, Crenshaw Communications Consulting LLC, serve as Co-Chair. These individuals are highly experienced in operational and regulatory matters affecting energy companies. All members of ENTELEC are eligible to join the Regulatory & Technology Committee and are entitled to one vote and may authorize an unlimited number of representatives to become involved in the work of the R&T Committee. ENTELEC believes that including end-user energy companies as well as vendor/consultants best represents the interests of all members of the association while enabling the Committee to speak with the broadest possible voice on behalf of the industry.  We welcome the opportunity to bring together vendors and users in the energy industry in a way that promotes our mutual interests in the regulatory and technology arenas. The Committee has created four Subcommittees to address specific regulatory and technology concerns:

  • IOT 
  • Cyber Security
  • Compliance/Spectrum
  • FCC/Towers

Regulatory & Technology Co-Chair:

Wes Wright, Keller & Heckman LLP

Wes mailto:wright@khlaw.comWright is a partner in the firm’s Washington, D.C. office.  He focuses his practice on telecommunications compliance and enforcement matters. Mr. Wright regularly counsels corporate clients on compliance matters before the FCC and state public utilities commissions.  He counsels clients on compliance with rules related to telecommunications service provider regulations, state tariff requirements, private wireless licensing, 911 reliability and call handling, customer proprietary network information (CPNI), the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA), and other related obligations.  He is a recognized expert on the FCC’s wireless spectrum rules.  He recently has given several compliance-related seminars on a host of topics, including: the FCC’s 911 Reliability Rules911 Wireless Location Accuracy, Spectrum Licensing and EnforcementCommunications Tower Compliance Obligations and the FCC’s New Citizens Broadband Radio Service. Mr. Wright also represents trade associations and corporate clients on policy matters before the FCC.  He has advocated policy positions before the FCC on the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), Connect America Fund (CAF), municipal broadband preemption and many wireless spectrum rulemaking proceedings. Mr. Wright also defends clients in FCC enforcement actions.  He assists clients with all aspects of an FCC enforcement investigation.  Mr. Wright has represented clients responding to an initial Letter of Inquiry (LOI) and guides them through the entire enforcement process.  He has successfully convinced the FCC not to pursue enforcement actions for alleged rule violations and has negotiated settlements with the Commission that involve a reduced fine and no admission of wrongdoing.

Cory Moffat, Crenshaw Communications Consulting, LLC

Cory Moffat is a 2001 Graduate of Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science.  Ms. Moffat frequently speaks at several trade shows each season and currently services as co-chair of ENTELEC’s Regulatory and Technology Committee.   Ms. Moffat focuses on several aspects of compliance including licensing, waivers, authorizations, tower construction compliance, equipment certification processes and other areas as required by clients to meet each individual client’s unique needs.  Ms. Moffat’s working knowledge of both technology and regulatory compliance allow her to function competently in several sectors of industry including Oil, Gas, Utilities, Energy, Public Safety, Commercial ventures and equipment vendors and manufacturers to assist with regulatory compliance and recommend viable solutions on both the technical side and regulatory side.  Ms. Moffat regulatory compliance in both the United States and Canada.


IIOT Sub-Committee

IIOT is a Sub-Committee of Regulatory & Technology that is focused on the Industrial Internet of Things Affecting the O&G Industry. It provides a forum for members to discuss, educate and showcase emerging connectivity technologies capable of connecting Oil and Gas assets to deliver services for improved business efficiency, compliance and competitiveness using Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication; a fundamental part of the Internet of Things (IoT) that describes how applications may be optimised through automated communication between machines and data platforms. M2M technology connects sensors, devices and appliances together through a variety of open and proprietary communication standards across multiple network types including, private, shared, and public internet to create intelligent assets and analytics.

IOT Committee Co-Chair: Daniel Quant Daniel

Quant is Vice President of Strategic Development at Multi-Tech Systems, responsible for identifying value propositions and expanding innovative products or services into new vertical and geographical markets. Daniel represents MultiTech in key standardization organizations and industry events with more than 25 years of wireless and telecom experience, including twenty leading global wireless product teams.



IOT Committee Co-Chair: Billy Hayes Williams, Inc., Telecom Manager

Billy has worked with a variety of communication roles in the oil & gas industry, including fields and plants, refineries, offshore platforms communications, automation, control systems design, installation, and support workforce creation.



Cyber Security Sub-Committee

Cyber Security is a Sub-Committee to Regulatory & Technology that is focused on the specific details of cyber security that affect the Critical Infrastructure Industry Cyber Security Chair: Dan Nagala - UTSI Daniel W. Nagala holds a B.S. degree Engineering/Computer Science, and holds both Global Industrial Cyber Security Professional (GICSP) and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certifications.  He is a well-known expert in Industrial Control Systems (ICS) design, development, implementation and security, with specific application in the oil & gas pipeline and facilities disciplines.  Mr. Nagala possesses more than forty (40) years of experience in these areas.  His expertise also includes extensive background in pipeline leak detection, real-time modeling and simulation, and pipeline operations.  Mr. Nagala provides consulting services to pipeline operators worldwide in the areas of ICS infrastructure design, SCADA functionality, advanced hydraulic applications and control center operations, as well as physical and cyber security for ICS and critical infrastructure environments. 


Mike Tillman is the Cyber Security Co-Chair. Mike is currently a Telecommunications Specialist at Williams, responsible for the Anadarko Basin and Permian Basin communications. With a communication career spanning more than 30 years including local LAN and wireless communication, his interests and activities include all aspects of technology from PC construction to relay logic and infrastructure to coding, automation and cyber security. Aside from his work at Williams, Mike also consults for small firms on field infrastructure and physical & cyber security. He has been involved with Entelec for since 2017 and on the Cyber Security subcommittee since 2019.

Compliance/Spectrum Sub-Committee

The R&T Committee’s Spectrum Subcommittee focuses on spectrum-related policy and compliance issues primarily before the FCC.  The leaders of the Subcommittee are experts on spectrum policy as it relates to the critical infrastructure industry.  They provide regular updates on FCC proceedings to reallocate spectrum, provide insight into potential spectrum opportunities for energy companies, and also guide energy companies on complying with existing FCC rules related to current spectrum allocations and complying with rules that regulate underlying infrastructure that is critical to spectrum use (ex. towers, RF equipment, etc.). Compliance/Spectrum Co-Chairs: Greg Kunkle, Keller & Heckman, LLP

Gregory Kunkle practices in the area of telecommunications, with an emphasis on assisting corporate clients and trade associations with various legal and regulatory matters before the Federal Communications Commission. Mr. Kunkle regularly counsels critical infrastructure companies, such as electric utilities, oil and gas companies, and railroads, public safety agencies, and commercial providers regarding FCC wireless licensing and compliance issues.  He assists clients in identifying and acquiring wireless spectrum through a variety of means, including spectrum leasing, purchase and sale of licenses, and the FCC's auction process. His spectrum acquisition practice spans all of the FCC’s wireless frequency allocations, including the 220 MHz band, AMTS (217/219 MHz), VHF/UHF Part 22 Paging, the 1.4 GHz band, Part 90 800/900 MHz bands, MAS, the 2.5 GHz EBS/BRS band, and the 700 MHz band.

Al Sinopoli, Chevron Sinopoli, P.E., is the Functional Technical Expert in RF for Chevron. He has a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Ohio State University along with 30 years of RF engineering experience in the defense, telecommunications, and oil and gas industries. He serves as Chair of the American Petroleum Institute (API) Telecommunications Subcommittee, as well as the Co-chair of the ENTELEC spectrum committee. He also has been a licensed amateur radio operator for the past 40 years, and has (3) publications to his credit.

FCC/Towers Compliance Sub-Committee

Towers can be a confusing topic.  With a myriad of regulations such as: lighting & marking, consulting with tribes & SHPO’s, OSHA, FAA oversight, and tower registration (just to name a few), the Tower Compliance Sub-Committee is committed to serving as an information resource to help the ENTELEC community understand and navigate the difference aspects of tower compliance.

Brandon Whittington, Sr. serves at the FCC/Towers Committee Chair.  Brandon is a Wireless Engineer with End2End Technologies and brings over 15 years of wireless experience in the Oil & Gas industry and served 3 years as a college professor at Frank Phillips Community College, Process Control Program. Brandon Graduated with his Master of Science in Business Management in 2017 and was previously employed by DCP Midstream and Enable Midstream before making the move to End2End Technologies. Brandon is focused on end-user requirements, customer satisfaction, and has a passion for developing process and standards that fulfill customer requirements. Brandon loves to help and educate others and has experience in compliance, marketing, instructional design, and engineering for the oil and gas industry. Brandon’s training, wireless, business, and regulatory compliance experience brings a unique opportunity to provide educational programs and real-world scenarios to end-users that are interested in regulatory and compliance.