An ENTELEC volunteer is an Individual Member or employee of a Corporate or Associate ENTELEC member that has a spirit of service, creativity, the ability to work in a team and a social conscience. They practice leadership, good interpersonal relationships, discipline, communication skills and share the desire to expand the association in all areas of the industry. ENTELEC offers two opportunities to volunteer in our member association, Board Service and Committees.

Apply to Volunteer

Board of Directors:

The ENTELEC Board of Directors is comprised of ten members typically drawn from the energy industries and their suppliers. Board members receive the following benefits from serving:

  • Opportunity to network with SCADA and telecommunications leaders in the energy industry
  • Learn from the latest advances in technology through the review of papers from leading energy and technology companies.
  • Learn about the latest product offerings from a wide range of SCADA and telecommunications vendors.
  • Learn the mechanics of coordinating and organizing a conference and trade show.

What is required to become a Board member?

  • Willingness to work with other technical leaders to further the goals of ENTELEC.
  • Employee of a current ENTELEC member company.
  • Commitment to attend two Board meetings per year (fall and spring)
  • Ability to travel to the Board meetings twice per year
  • Participation in monthly Board conference calls
  • Approval from your company’s manager/supervisor.
  • Time commitment throughout the year, especially prior to the semi-annual Board meetings.
  • For a Director Position: At least a three-year commitment.

To apply for the ENTELEC Board, all Volunteer Applications need to be submitted by March each year. Applicants will be notified of their status by April of that year. Find the Volunteer Application online at

Committee Service:

Regulatory & Technology Committee

The Regulatory Committee was formed to address pressing regulatory developments of interest to ENTELEC’s membership. All Members of ENTELEC are eligible to join the Regulatory & Technology Committee. Corporate and Associate members of ENTELEC are eligible to join the Regulatory & Technology Committee and will be entitled to one vote and may authorize an unlimited number of representatives to become involved in the work of the Committee.

Consistent with the association’s Bylaws, the mission of the ENTELEC Regulatory &Technology Committee is “to share information and take advocacy positions in legislative, administrative, regulatory, and judicial proceedings on behalf of the association as are necessary to promote engineering, design, construction, maintenance, administration, and operation of telecommunications, automation, electrical power, information processing systems, and other electrical and electronic facilities employed in the energy industries.”

All members of ENTELEC are eligible to join the Regulatory & Technology Committee.  ENTELEC believes that including end-user energy companies as well as vendor/consultants best represents the interests of all members of the association while enabling the Committee to speak with the broadest possible voice on behalf of the industry.  We welcome the opportunity to bring together vendors and users in the energy industry in a way that promotes our mutual interests in the regulatory and technology arenas.

The Committee has created four Subcommittees to address specific regulatory and technology concerns:

  • Industrial IOT 
  • Cyber Security
  • Compliance/Spectrum
  • FCC/Towers

Associate Member and Representative Committee

  • Associate Membership involvement and growth
  • Associate Communication & Advocacy

Education / Technical Committee

  • Delivery of high value technical content through the conference and other vehicles
  • Appoint Silver Scribe Award

Membership Committee

  • Membership Involvement and Association Growth
  • Member Recruitment
  • Volunteer Enrollment
  • Member Surveys

Member Communications

  • Support Activities of ENTELEC Committees and ensure consistency of Communications
  • Website Development / Maintenance
  • Social Networking
  • Organization / Development of Conference Materials

Scholarship Committee

  • Support Individuals through sponsoring scholarships for future oil and gas industry professionals
  • Determine Theme for Paper Submission
  • Evaluate Scholarship Submissions and to Award Scholarship

If you have questions about volunteering, please contact