ENTELEC is a user association that provides education and information to association members. ENTELEC continues to focus on communications and control technologies used by petroleum, natural gas, pipeline and electric utility companies. To achieve this goal, ENTELEC provides an in-person educational platform for the energy industries, including technical presentations, equipment exhibits and networking opportunities several times per year.

Who are ENTELEC Members?

ENTELEC’s members are made up of Automation Measurement, SCADA System Engineers, Project Managers and those working in the Telecommunications industry.

What ENTELEC Membership Types are available?


Corporate Membership is available to companies or corporations in the energy industries employing personnel having managerial, engineering, or technical responsibility in the telecommunications, automation, electrical power, information processing systems, or allied fields.  All individuals in the company receive member privileges.



Associate Membership is available to companies or corporations that provide services or sell products to the energy industry.  All individuals in the company receive member privileges and these companies are listed in the associate member profile directory on the ENTELEC website.


Membership Application


What are the Benefits of Membership?

Visit our benefits page for a full listing of MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS.

How Long Is a Membership Good For?

Memberships are company-based and include all company employees. The Membership is for 12 months and our typical dues cycle runs from July 1st to June 30th. If you join in the middle of a Membership Dues cycle, your dues will be pro-rated at the first opportunity to get you inline with our current cycle. ENTELEC Membership dues must be paid annually to stay active and continue to receive membership benefits.

How much is the membership renewal?( $1,000.00)

Dues renewals are $1,000.00 as long as the Corporate Membership or Associate Membership is renewed each year. If a company fails to renew their ENTELEC Membership Dues, they will have to rejoin ENTELEC at the Membership rate of $1,500.00.