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Infrastructure Networks, Inc

Infrastructure Networks Inc. (INET) is an enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT) and a top recognized provider of private 4G-LTE networks for Oil & Gas and Electric Utility. INET provides the first end-to-end, standards based network, eliminating the frustrations associated with scaling and managing communications technology. INET helps companies increase their productivity, safety and efficiency with near real-time connectivity for machine-to-machine communications. INET’s spectrum and coverage expands to over 50,000 sq miles and 5 of 7 major shale plays. INET also enables existing SCADA, Mobile Data, Video, Analytics, Workforce Automation and monitoring of other devices.

5051 Westheimer St.
Ste. 1700
Houston, TX 77056 United States

(832) 598-6600

Sales Contact Name: Mark Brody
Sales Phone: (832) 862-7534
Sales Email: mark.brody@inetlte.com

PR Contact Name: Allegra Taylor
PR Phone(832) 862-7541
PR Emailallegra.taylor@inetlte.com