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Cellular & Satellite provides enabling technologies used to build SCADA and IoT networks. We provide a wide range of global and USA celluar data plans specifically designed for SCADA and IoT networks, eight different satellite technologies, cellular and satellite hardware, and two different enterprise-grade IoT platforms. In additon, we are the exclusive provider of the Panoptic Environmental Monitoring & Compliance Platform, which is used to monitor fugitive methane emissions and ensure regulatory compliance. Cellular & Satellite is also the exclusive provider of VisualScada, which allows any brand of IP camera to be integrated into a SCADA system as if it were a meter, PLC, or sensor.

Cellular & Satellite focuses exclusively on SCADA, Industrial Automation, and IoT applications. The principal of Cellular & Satellite began attending the Entelec Expo in 1983 at the Albert Thomas Convention Center and has introduced a number of companies to Entelec, many of whom are now Associate Members.

Unique Wireless (Celluar) Data Plans for SCADA Networks
- USA SIM features AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and US Cellular on the same SIM. The SIM features hot failover from one carrier to another using a single static IP address. You can monitor usage, set usage thresholds , send text and email alerts, and disable SIMs from a single pane of glass, no matter which carrier you are using. One invoice, one bucket of data, one management tool. Easy!
Mixed Fleet Plan - It is a given that in the oil patch, one wireless carrier will work better in some locations than others. As a result, enery companies end up maintaining fleets of SIMs from both Verizon and AT&T. Our Mixed Fleet Plan allows you to pool data from multiple carriers. As with the USA SIM, there is one invoice, one bucket of data, and one SIM management portal.
Global Data SIM - We can load 800+ wireless carriers onto a single SIM and if there is a wireless signal in the area deployed, the SIM will automatically connect. If multiple carriers serve the area, the SIM defaults to the carrier with the best signal strength. Imagine how easy it is to manage a fleet of 800 carriers from a single pane of glass. One invoice, one currency, one common tax structure, enterprise grade data with no throttling, and only a single APN to maintain. Dont wring your hands trying to figure out which international wireless carrier to use for a global IoT deployment. Use them all with our Global SIM!

Unique Satellite Data Plans
Cellular & Satellite offers eight different satellite technolgies and we have crafted services specifically for SCADA networks, which require high availability and security. We offer:
- Private satellite networks that do not touch the Internet
-Shared hub VSAT services with geodiverse hubs - we can switch an entire fleet of VSATs from one hub to another in 15 seconds or less
- Cellular & Satellite offers our Easy Access Satellite Plans beginning at $10.00/site/month for an always-on IP backup connection
-Virtual Network Options (VNO) - We can design a satellite network that provides dedicated bandwidth for your exclusive use.
-Private satellite hubs in foreign countries. Ideal for primary of backup communications.
-Flat panel, electronically steerable phased array satellite antennas with no moving parts (a little larger than a pizza box)

Panoptic Environmental Monitoring & Compliance Platform
As the push to reduce fugitive methane emmissions intensifies, Cellular & Satellite is pleased to intoduce the Panoptic Environmental Monitoring & Compliance Platform, which utilizes video, audio, and disruptive methane sensor technology to provide environmental clarity at well sites, refineries, and plants. The Panoptic platform also includes an advanced data engine, AI, and a lytics, and an auditable data base for compliance reporting.

VisualScada is a software solution that can be deployed in two different configurations:
- Allows the easy integration of video cameras into an existing SCADA system, allowing SCADA engineers to treat video cameras as if the cameras were another sensor.
- VisualScada can also be deployed cost effectively at very small field assets, such as stripper wells, allowing the energy company to fullfill contractual obligations with land owners to visually inspect wells every day. VisualScada can dramatically reduce the number of contractos (pumpers) needed. Drive profits to your bottom line instead of driving to each well every day.

Wireless Routers, LoraWan Gateways & VSATs
- Cellular & Satellite are Peplink Gold Level Resellers and can provide hundreds or thousands of wireless routers in a very short period of time. Our supplier has not been affected by the global supply chain problem. If you are tired of being told that deleivery time for a router is 26 week, give us a try!

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