7 Benefits of Joining an Oil & Gas Industry Committee

Throughout the history of ENTELEC, industry professionals have taken a significant leap in their professional career path by volunteering on one of our committees.

Whether you are just starting in your industry or have decades of industry experience, our user association offers tremendous professional value through committee service.

Specifically, committee service provide opportunities for professional development in the oil & gas industry and other related industries by advancing the technology and communication used in these industries.

Take Advantage of These 7 Benefits of Committee Service

Consider the seven most important benefits to you professionally by volunteering on a committee organized by ENTELEC.

1. Apply your expertise to sharpen your skills. We believe the best way to hone your professional abilities is by applying your skills and knowledge in real-life settings.

By volunteering on a committee, you will be able to apply your industry education to grow your knowledge base and sharpen the individual skills that you can bring back to your company.

2. Become more valuable to your company. By sharpening your skills and gaining relevant experience, you will instantly become more valuable to your company. You will have a firmer grasp of your role and be able to share information vertically to managers and horizontally to peers, better positioning you as a reliable industry expert in your company.

3. Grow in your company role. Serving on an ENTELEC committee will better position you for job security and career advancement. Refining your skills and growing in confidence will help you become more valuable to your company.

Then, when you reach the point of career advancement, your ENTELEC service and committee role will look more attractive to managers who are looking for future leaders in your company.

4. Develop necessary leadership skills. One of the most important ways that you can secure your job now and position yourself for future roles is developing leadership skills.

Serving on an ENTELEC committee provides you with an opportunity to enhance your communication, share constructive feedback, evaluate options, make decisions, and guide the committee toward the best choice. This experience can be applied in your company both now in your current role and in the future as your decision-making responsibility increases.

5. Learn how to work on a team. A crucial piece of developing leadership skills is learning how to work on a team in a real-life setting, advancing beyond hypothetical scenarios you may have experienced in your educational background.

ENTELEC committee members come from various backgrounds, represent oil & gas and other industries, and have unique personalities. Learning how to communicate effectively, contribute to the conversation, and help make decisions together — and not individually operating in silos — will benefit you professionally.

6. Network with other industry professionals. As part of your committee service, you will have numerous networking opportunities to help you grow professionally.

For young professionals, you can build your base of industry contacts that will benefit you as you advance in your career. For experienced professionals, this is an opportunity to continue learning and growing in your role by leaning on others for industry expertise.

7. Influence the technological future of oil & gas. Collectively, ENTELEC committees have the opportunity to influence the future of the technology serving the oil & gas industry and other industries. This is accomplished through a commitment to making forward-thinking decisions that drive growth as professionals, as companies, and as industries.

Which ENTELEC Committee Should You Join?

To serve on an ENTELEC committee that drives the technological future of the oil & gas industry, you must be an ENTELEC member. Then, once you are a member, you can apply to volunteer on a committee.

Our committee opportunities include:

  • Technical
  • Regulatory
  • Marketing
  • Associate Membership
  • Corporate Membership
  • Scholarship

If you believe that you are decisive, have excellent communication skills, and desire for your industry to grow, consider volunteering on an ENTELEC committee. We look forward to hearing from you!

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