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ENTELEC and API File Joint Comments Regarding Proposed Changes to the 3.45-3.55 GHz Band

ENTELEC and API File Joint Comments Regarding Proposed Changes to the 3.45-3.55 GHz Band
The ENTELEC Association Regulatory & Technology Committee, and the Telecommunications Subcommittee of the American Petroleum Institute filed joint comments regarding facilitating shared use of the 3100 – 3550 MHz Band:
“Our comments in response to the FNPRM focus on the Commission’s proposed changes to the 3.45 – 3.55 GHz (“345 Band”). We wish to highlight that based on successful efforts and infrastructure planning for the existing Citizens Broadband Radio Services (“CBRS”) band, this FNPRM should seek to align the 3.45 Band with rules already in place in CBRS, versus adopting a disparate set of regulations. Thus, the 345 Band would be “expanded spectrum” for CBRS.”
Read the Full Response Below:

ENTELEC President Goes To Washington

In my capacity of President of ENTELEC, I went to Washington, D.C. in mid-May to meet with FCC staff.

There were two primary purposes to the meeting:

Education. On behalf of ENTELEC’s Regulatory and Technology Committee, we wanted to educate FCC staff about the oil and gas industry.  In particular, we discussed how ENTELEC member companies rely on internal networks to run our businesses in a safe, efficient, and productive way.  We also talked about decisions the FCC has made in the past have both positively and negatively impacted members of ENTELEC’s community;

Advocacy. We also discussed a few active FCC proceedings that involve spectrum allocations, including the 6 GHz and 2.5 GHz bands.  We explained how we use existing 6 GHz networks and urged the FCC to protect those existing uses.  We also discussed how the FCC’s rules for auctioning spectrum disadvantage ENTELEC member companies who financially cannot compete with commercial telelcom carriers when it comes to purchasing spectrum in major metropolitan areas.  With this background, we encouraged the FCC to consider revised rules to repurpose the 2.5 GHz band for critical infrastructure use.

Further details of the meeting are discussed below.  But if you’re really interested in the substantive meeting discussion – or participating in future dialogue about these issues – you should join ENTELEC’s Regulatory and Technology Committee.

We will provide much more information about the FCC meeting during the next R&T Committee meeting next month.  It’s an important time to get involved with the R&T Committee because the FCC asked us some questions that relate to the future of the 6 GHz band.  We want to solicit member feedback and provide this valuable information to the FCC in the next few weeks.  We’ll discuss this further on the next R&T Call, so if you’d like to participate in this process and support the R&T Committee please register for the call online.

6 GHz Band.  In August 2017, the FCC issued a Notice of Inquiry asking if it could introduce unlicensed operations into the 6 GHz band.  Last year, the FCC issued proposed rules that – if adopted – would make this possible.  The bulk of my meeting with the FCC was discussing the future of the 6 GHz band.

I explained how ENTELEC member companies currently use 6 GHz fixed links to support mission critical operations.  I also reminded the Commission that many of these companies migrated to the 6 GHz band at great expense after the FCC repurposed the 2.1 GHz band.  Introducing unlicensed use in the 6 GHz band could compromise the reliability of that band.  This, coupled with the fact that migration out of the 6 GHz band is impossible with the existing infrastructure ENTELEC members have in the field, make it a bad idea for the FCC to permit unlicensed devices to operate in the 6 GHz band.

The Commission understood these arguments and asked what rules and protections they should adopt to protect incumbent fixed microwave licensees in the 6 GHz band if the agency eventually permits unlicensed use of the band.  We want to discuss your ideas at the next R&T Committee meeting so we can provide additional feedback to the FCC.

2.5 GHz Band.  The FCC is currently looking to repurpose all or some of the Educational Broadband Service (“EBS”) band at 2.5 GHz.  The band is 114 MHz of contiguous spectrum, the largest such block of contiguous spectrum below 3 GHz.  Auctioning the spectrum to commercial entities is one of the proposals the FCC is considering.

I explained how the FCC’s auction process disadvantages ENTELEC members because we do not monetize our use of the spectrum, but we rely on spectrum to support federally mandated secure and redundant communications networks.  I discussed how different ENTELEC members could be impacted by the FCC’s decision.  For instance, smaller licensed areas around refineries could help some ENTELEC members, but it is nearly impossible for a company to acquire spectrum that covers pipeline operations that cover hundreds of miles and traverse many states.

I hope the FCC considers ENTELEC members as it continues to explore expanded use of the 2.5 GHz band.

Other Items. Though these were the two big items, I also touched on some other issues.  For instance, I explained how the FCC’s streamlined environmental review process for towers has helped ENTELEC member companies deploy infrastructure in a more efficient manner.  But there is still more the FCC could do in this space.  I reiterated the industry’s need for spectrum and the perils of relying on unlicensed or lightly licensed spectrum when mission critical operations are at stake.

It was a productive meeting.  But I’m hoping it’s the first of many where ENTELEC members ensure their voice is being heard in Washington.  And I encourage you to participate in the R&T Committee if you want your voice – like mine – to be heard.

Jerry “O” Roberts

2019-2020 ENTELEC President

5 Tips for Professional Growth in Oil & Gas

Throughout your career, you may find yourself looking for professional growth opportunities in the oil & gas industry, especially in the central hub of Houston.

What you may not realize is that ENTELEC is here to support you on that journey. ENTELEC members come together on a regular basis to network, collaborate on committees, and spread industry awareness. Membership is the perfect platform to connect to a knowledge base that will help grow your capabilities and increase your professional value.

What are the Best Sources for Professional Growth?

Consider these five tips to support your quest to grow professionally.

1. Start With Networking

Take a look at the ENTELEC membership roster (only available to current members). Industry contacts are often one of the most valuable components to help you grow professionally and possibly even gain important relationships for your business. Consider reaching out to fellow ENTELEC members in your industry to gain insight on the latest trends.

2. Read the Latest News

Take time to read up on the latest industry news, trends, and company developments. (P.S. We think our blog is a great place to start.) Industry news will give you an idea of where capital and resources are being directed, helping you gauge the current conditions of your industry to know how you can provide value to your company.

3. Attend an Industry Conference

One of the advantages of attending an industry conference is meeting face-to-face with colleagues and industry experts that you otherwise would not be able to encounter in your workday. This is a great opportunity to learn about industry developments and the latest technology that impacts your role.

4. Evaluate Education Options

Education is a critical piece of the ENTELEC association. We believe that continuous learning is essential for our members to remain leaders in their industry. Depending on your schedule, budget, and industry, you should evaluate formal education programs to find the right option to support your professional growth.

5. Serve on a Committee

As you gather more knowledge to grow professionally, you should also consider applying your expertise. Consider joining an oil & gas industry committee to expand your network pool, provide valuable input, and develop essential leadership skills.

Opportunities Available to Serve on ENTELEC Committee

ENTELEC is looking for members to volunteer on our committees, which consist of Technical, Regulatory, Marketing, Associate Membership, Corporate Membership, and Scholarship.

Committee service represents a unique opportunity to grow professionally and add value to your company. When you are ready to apply for committee service, simply complete our Volunteer Application form. We look forward to hearing from you.

Take Advantage of These New ENTELEC Membership Resources

Earlier this year, ENTELEC unveiled our new branding and website designed to improve the experience for each member and person interested in our user association.

Now, we are proud to unveil a new “Members Only” section on the ENTELEC Website.

ENTELEC membership

The Members Only portion of our website houses all of the valuable resources that are included with your membership. On the members’ homepage, you can access the following resources:

  • Information on the Regulatory & Technology Committee
  • Associate Member Directory
  • Webinar Archive
  • ENTELEC Library of Articles, News, and Updates

To gain access to the members portion of our new website, follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Create your personal account by matching your company’s member ID to your company name and adding your personal information. (Don’t know your company’s member ID? Contact the individual at your company who registered for membership or email us directly at
  3. Complete your profile to access the Members Only resources.

What Else Did ENTELEC Update for Members?

In addition to launching the new membership homepage, ENTELEC introduced a new Members Only LinkedIn group.

In the past, you may have used the members-only forum on our website to interact with other ENTELEC members and address real challenges in your respective industry.

Now, we are advancing our collective capabilities through an enhanced LinkedIn group experience. You can post questions, answer questions, and provide updates on the latest technological developments in your industry.

If you have questions about our new Members Only offerings or your ENTELEC membership, please contact our team at

19 Speaking Sessions You Cannot Miss at the Fall Seminar Series

ENTELEC has assembled a healthy roster of education and training session speakers for the 2018 Fall Seminar Series scheduled for October 11-12 in Odessa, Texas.

Each speaker or presenter will address a critical issue facing executives and decision-makers in the energy, telecommunications, and electric industries. We carefully selected each speaker to provide the most valuable information to you during the two-day event.

Consider the 13 Education Sessions

The Fall Seminar Series kicks off Thursday, Oct. 11 with five education session opportunities.

– Washington Report: Wesley Wright and Greg Kunkle of Keller and Heckman LLP will discuss FCC regulatory developments.

– Enabling Next Generation IoT Communications: SCADA professionals will want to hear Austin Pivarnik of XetaWave present on future developments in network connectivity.

– LTE Spectrum Bands: Louis Lambert of Redline Communications will discuss how to deliver a private LTE infrastructure to serve your business units.

– Field Area Networks: John Yaldwyn of 4RF USA, Inc. will discuss the challenges of modernizing and upgrading radio-based networking technology.

– Preventing Power Failures: Andre Scholtz of Solarcraft will discuss how to prevent power failures in the field using reliable field power sources.

The Fall Seminar Series includes eight more education session opportunities on Friday, Oct. 12.

– Spectrum Efficiency: Thomas Schwartz & Jeff Wilczewski of GE MDS will present on how to maximize the efficiency of your wireless communication system.

– LPWAN and LPFAN: John Geiger of Machfu will discuss how to leverage LPWAN/FAN sensing solutions in your SCADA system.

– SCADA Narrow Band: Ken Crandall & Darryl E. Parker of Alligator Communications, Inc. will discuss issues and solutions for modernizing narrow band radio systems in the IoT era.

– IOT Security: Roman Arutyunov of Xage Security and Chuck Drobny of GlobaLogix will present solutions for enhanced security as a necessary platform for IoT innovation.

– Wireless Networking: Tisha Hayes of 4RF USA will discuss wireless network capabilities and synergistic solutions for Oil & Gas SCADA, Metering, and IOT.

– Cybersecurity in the Value Chain: Davinder Harcharan Singh of Siemens Industry, Inc. will present his findings on the frequency of cyber attacks on critical infrastructures.

– LTE to 5G: Ajay Grewal of GE MDS LLC will present on the industry switchover to 5G and how to deploy this new technology for wireless communications.

– SCADA Data: Randy Krall of Wellkeeper will discuss using modern data analysis tools to manage upstream operations.

Consider the 6 Training Session Speakers

ENTELEC believes that learning also needs to be applied to advance the capabilities of our industries. During the Fall Seminar Series, you will have several training opportunities to grow your team’s skills.

We are offering three training sessions on Thursday, Oct. 11:

– Wireless Device Implementation: Sandra Esposito of SignalFire Telemetry, Inc. will be hosting a training session on wireless device network setup and troubleshooting.

– Wireless Communications Projects: Peter Cappiello and Dave Rumore of Future Technologies Venture LLC will concentrate on the life cycle of a wireless communication project using various technology.

– Spectrum Analysis: Rolland Zhang of Keysight will provide introductory, hands-on training on RF/MW communication networks, troubleshooting, interference, and more topics.

ENTELEC will offer three more training session opportunities on Friday, Oct. 12:

– Spectrum Analysis: Rolland Zhang of Keysight will return on Friday morning for another opportunity to receive hands-on training on spectrum analysis.

– Wireless Network Planning Tools: Vernon Tindell of Cambium Networks will train attendees on how to use Cambium’s wireless and communication planning tools.

– Drones: Renner Vaughn and Kabe Termes of Cape will provide training on real-time remote facility inspection using drones that are trained by Cape.

Register Today for the Fall Seminar Series

ENTELEC is confident that you will walk away from the 2018 Fall Seminar Series with the education and training you need to leverage new technology across the business units of your company.

Additionally, when you consider the price of the conference and the amount of education and training opportunities, you cannot find a better value for professional development this fall:

  • Corporate ENTELEC Member Rate: $75 pre-registration ($100 onsite)
  • Corporate non-ENTELEC Member Rate: $185 pre-reg ($225 onsite)
  • Associate Member/Non-Sponsor: $165 pre-reg ($190 onsite)

– Find out how to become an ENTELEC member today.

– Register for the Fall Seminar Series today.

We look forward to seeing you at the Fall Seminar Series in Odessa. If you have questions about the conference or becoming an ENTELEC member, please contact our team at

3 Trends Affecting Oil & Gas This Fall

The summer season is almost in the books, which means it’s time to look ahead to oil & gas industry trends this fall that could affect your company and role.

Most notably, there is tremendous activity in West Texas, which ENTELEC will be part of this October when we host our Fall Seminar Series. There are other key considerations that you should be aware of.

Which Oil & Gas Trends Should You Pay Attention To This Fall?

ENTELEC will continue monitoring the latest developments in West Texas, the U.S. as a whole, and internationally to ensure that our members and conference attendees are kept up-to-speed on the latest information affecting them.

Trend #1: West Texas is Booming and Technology Will Keep It Booming

Oil boom. Gold rush. Sand revolution. There are many nicknames for what’s happening in West Texas with people and resources flowing to the Permian Basin to take advantage of natural gas resources.

The key to this production boom is the emergence of new technology to accelerate the rate of production. Energy technology, telecommunications technology, and oil & gas technology have all come together in one central location to help mine valuable resources beneath sand dunes that previously were worth nothing.

According to Bloomberg, companies will mine and ship about 22 million tons of sand to shale drillers around them in the Permian Basin, which has become the “hottest oil patch on earth.” Bloomberg adds that within a few years, the figure will double to about 50 million tons of sand mined and shipped.

This fall, ENTELEC looks forward to hosting decision-makers and industry leaders at our Fall Seminar Series in Odessa. This conference will bring together industry knowledge and experience to help solve real challenges faced by companies looking to take advantage of the capabilities in West Texas.

Trend #2: The U.S. is On The Way to the No. 1 Producer

A rising tide is raising all boats for U.S. oil producers. According to information released by the U.S. government this summer, the U.S. is on the way to becoming the No. 1 oil producer in the world.

This fall, production is expected to continue climbing as the U.S. looks to reach an average of 11.8 MMbpd of crude oil production in 2019. The government hopes to reach 12-even at some point in 2019.

“If the forecast holds, that would make the U.S. the world’s leading producer of crude,” said Linda Capuano, Administrator of the Energy Information Administration (EIA).

The key to reaching this target is resolving production bottlenecks in West Texas, which could affect domestic output throughout the fall into the end of the year. That’s why advancing the technological capabilities of companies operating in the Permian Basin is crucial for the U.S. to reach its production goals.

Trend #3: OPEC Has a Key Year-End Meeting

At the end of the fall, OPEC will be meeting in Vienna, Austria. This meeting on December 3 will be critical for setting the pace and tone for domestic and international supply in 2019.

Over the summer, OPEC tried to curb enthusiasm for massive production output by saying they do not want to contribute to a market where there is excess supply, which triggered the industry downturn a few years ago.

The position taken by OPEC has led to back-and-forth discussions with U.S. President Trump over the actions taken — or not taken — by OPEC to reduce the price of oil.

It will be interesting to see what OPEC decides in December because their stance on international oil supply could affect the overall industry in the new year.

Be Part of the Solution at the Fall Seminar Series

ENTELEC has strategically scheduled our Fall Seminar Series for Odessa, Texas, in mid-October. We believe this is the right location and time to bring together decision-makers and industry leaders to strategize solutions, learn about emerging technology, and address the latest oil & gas trends to continue fueling the U.S. energy revolution.

Find out how to register for the Fall Seminar Series, either as an ENTELEC member or as a non-member. If you have questions about the fall conference or becoming an ENTELEC member, please contact our team at

5 Reasons to Attend the ENTELEC Fall Seminar Series

The ENTELEC Association is looking forward to the 2018 Fall Seminar Series in West Texas this fall. The two-day event is scheduled for October 11-12 in Odessa at the four-star MCM Elegante Hotel.

We know from experience that when industry leaders gather together in an intimate setting to share knowledge and experience, there will be ample opportunity to receive valuable insight to pour back into your company.

Because of the past success of the Fall Seminar Series, we expanded this year’s conference and moved to a new location to provide even more value to attendees.

What Are the Benefits of Attending the Fall Seminar Series?

ENTELEC carefully strategized this year’s Fall Seminar Series to provide the most value to high-level decision-makers and industry leaders. Consider these five reasons why you should attend.

Reason #1: Located Where the Industry Action Is

In 2017, ENTELEC hosted a one-day Fall Seminar Series in Midland, Texas. We enjoyed this conference immensely and wanted to expand this year’s event.

That’s why we created a two-day event in Odessa to take advantage of the booming energy and oil & gas activity in the Permian Basin.

Now, with advanced technological capabilities helping fuel the “oil boom” in West Texas, we are gathering industry leaders to discuss the latest technology and find solutions to the latest challenges to ensure companies can advantage of new opportunities.

Reason #2: Focus on the Key Topics You Care About

As part of our technological focus at the Fall Seminar Series, the conference will include discussion of critical topics and pressing industry issues such as LTE, SCADA, IIoT, Field Communications, and regulatory developments.

ENTELEC Fall Seminar

You will be able to hear from industry leaders on each of these topics to learn how they are approaching new technological challenges in their company. Then, you can readily apply the information from the presentations in your company.

Reason #3: Hands-On Training Opportunities

As part of our expanded conference offering, ENTELEC is offering more hands-on training opportunities to learn how to troubleshoot equipment, analyze problems, and reach real-time decisions. The training is especially beneficial for learning about new and emerging technology to be used in the field.

The primary training topics will include:

  • IoT/Field Communications Technology for Oil & Gas
  • SCADA Integration
  • FCC/Tower Regulations
  • LTE Specific training
  • Drone Applications in Oil & Gas

We will have hands-on training opportunities on other topics, including topics relevant to operating in the Permian Basin.

Reason #4: Intimate Setting of Industry Executives and Leaders

In the spring, ENTELEC offers the annual ENTELEC Conference & Expo in Houston. The event is open to attendees from all levels of the energy, telecommunications, and oil & gas industries.

In the fall, we close the gathering to executives, leaders, operators, and managers who are tasked with making critical decisions for their company. This setting creates opportunities for decision-makers to gather valuable information they need to support their decision-making process, especially deciding where to allocate resources to take advantage of new technological opportunities.

Reason #5: The Price is Right

Finally, we believe the price for this intimate gathering of industry leaders is a bargain considering the amount of education, training, and networking opportunities available.

Registration includes technical education sessions, training sessions, lunch, and a networking event on Thursday, Oct. 11. Then, on Friday, Oct. 12, your registration includes a valuable breakfast and lunch session.

Consider the Fall Seminar Series pricing options:

  • Corporate ENTELEC Member Rate: $75 pre-registration ($100 onsite)
  • Corporate non-ENTELEC Member Rate: $185 pre-reg ($225 onsite)
  • Associate Member/Non-Sponsor: $165 pre-reg ($190 onsite)

Register Today for the Fall Seminar Series

We look forward to seeing you at the Fall Seminar Series in Odessa. As you can see by the pricing, you will receive a discount as an ENTELEC member. However, you may also attend if you are not a member of our user association.

– Find out how to become an ENTELEC member today.

– Register for the Fall Seminar Series today.

If you have questions about the fall conference or becoming an ENTELEC member, please contact our team at to get answers to your questions.

7 Benefits of Joining an Oil & Gas Industry Committee

Throughout the history of ENTELEC, industry professionals have taken a significant leap in their professional career path by volunteering on one of our committees.

Whether you are just starting in your industry or have decades of industry experience, our user association offers tremendous professional value through committee service.

Specifically, committee service provide opportunities for professional development in the oil & gas industry and other related industries by advancing the technology and communication used in these industries.

Take Advantage of These 7 Benefits of Committee Service

Consider the seven most important benefits to you professionally by volunteering on a committee organized by ENTELEC.

1. Apply your expertise to sharpen your skills. We believe the best way to hone your professional abilities is by applying your skills and knowledge in real-life settings.

By volunteering on a committee, you will be able to apply your industry education to grow your knowledge base and sharpen the individual skills that you can bring back to your company.

2. Become more valuable to your company. By sharpening your skills and gaining relevant experience, you will instantly become more valuable to your company. You will have a firmer grasp of your role and be able to share information vertically to managers and horizontally to peers, better positioning you as a reliable industry expert in your company.

3. Grow in your company role. Serving on an ENTELEC committee will better position you for job security and career advancement. Refining your skills and growing in confidence will help you become more valuable to your company.

Then, when you reach the point of career advancement, your ENTELEC service and committee role will look more attractive to managers who are looking for future leaders in your company.

4. Develop necessary leadership skills. One of the most important ways that you can secure your job now and position yourself for future roles is developing leadership skills.

Serving on an ENTELEC committee provides you with an opportunity to enhance your communication, share constructive feedback, evaluate options, make decisions, and guide the committee toward the best choice. This experience can be applied in your company both now in your current role and in the future as your decision-making responsibility increases.

5. Learn how to work on a team. A crucial piece of developing leadership skills is learning how to work on a team in a real-life setting, advancing beyond hypothetical scenarios you may have experienced in your educational background.

ENTELEC committee members come from various backgrounds, represent oil & gas and other industries, and have unique personalities. Learning how to communicate effectively, contribute to the conversation, and help make decisions together — and not individually operating in silos — will benefit you professionally.

6. Network with other industry professionals. As part of your committee service, you will have numerous networking opportunities to help you grow professionally.

For young professionals, you can build your base of industry contacts that will benefit you as you advance in your career. For experienced professionals, this is an opportunity to continue learning and growing in your role by leaning on others for industry expertise.

7. Influence the technological future of oil & gas. Collectively, ENTELEC committees have the opportunity to influence the future of the technology serving the oil & gas industry and other industries. This is accomplished through a commitment to making forward-thinking decisions that drive growth as professionals, as companies, and as industries.

Which ENTELEC Committee Should You Join?

To serve on an ENTELEC committee that drives the technological future of the oil & gas industry, you must be an ENTELEC member. Then, once you are a member, you can apply to volunteer on a committee.

Our committee opportunities include:

  • Technical
  • Regulatory
  • Marketing
  • Associate Membership
  • Corporate Membership
  • Scholarship

If you believe that you are decisive, have excellent communication skills, and desire for your industry to grow, consider volunteering on an ENTELEC committee. We look forward to hearing from you!

3 Technology Trends in Pipeline Communication for 2018

In the current era of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), advanced technology is readily available to enhance communications for pipeline operators and midstream companies. However, there are roadblocks to deploying the technology.

Fortunately, the collective efforts of ENTELEC members can help solve some of the communication challenges that are embedded in the pipeline technology trends of 2018.

Three Trends That Require Collaborative Thinking

ENTELEC believes in the power of collaboration to solve real challenges that help real companies grow in their capabilities. Consider how working together can enhance your company’s ability to capitalize on this year’s most important communication trends.

Trend #1: Rural Communication is Growing

Communication to and from rural locations is vital for pipeliners and midstream companies. Unfortunately, many companies are still relying on landlines that were installed decades ago and require access to a small local provider. In this scenario, it’s a nightmare trying to get network connectivity to remote locations.

Operators need to find ways to tap into infrastructure to bypass landlines and use advanced technology to collect valuable data in real-time.

Fortunately, the federal government is funding a program to enhance rural communication. The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development) launched the Community Connect program to “help fund broadband deployment into rural communities where it is not yet economically viable for private sector providers to deliver service.”

The deadline to submit an application for the grant expired on May 14. However, if your company missed the deadline, you can take solace in the fact that there is clear momentum for a robust rural communication infrastructure.

This momentum also points to companies soon having the capability to come together to tap into technology without having to rely on major network carriers.

Trend #2: Private Infrastructure is Growing

Think about how major cellphone carriers try to market themselves to consumers. Don’t they try to distinguish themselves by highlighting their coverage map? Sure, these carriers cover enough of a massive state such as Texas to make it seem like they cover the entire state, but if you were to zoom in closely on the coverage map, you would see little coverage in rural areas.

As the Community Connect program points out, it has not yet become economically viable for major phone carriers to build connectivity in select rural areas, which is precisely where pipeliners and midstream companies need enhanced connectivity.

However, advanced technology for communication is making it possible for companies to get together to build a private infrastructure, bypassing the major carriers. It’s not reasonable to wait for carriers to decide when they can justify the cost of building infrastructure when you need to collect valuable data from rural locations right now.

What’s the solution? Companies with a vested interest in rural communication need to come together to collaborate and leverage technology capabilities to build a private infrastructure and work with regulatory bodies. Fortunately, ENTELEC is the forum to make this happen because of our commitment to shared learning to advance our respective industries forward.

Trend #3: Redundancy Capabilities are Growing

The underlying reasons why operators and midstream companies need access to data from remote locations is to enhance reliability, operate safely and efficiently, and to remain compliant.

To achieve these objectives, companies need enhanced redundancy capabilities to increase the reliability of their communication systems.

One of the growing pipeline technology trends is building more redundancy into SCADA systems to ensure that a company can remain operable in abnormal operating conditions.

Within the infrastructure of your SCADA system, it’s critical to have robust communications from your network. That’s why access to data is valuable to ensure that companies can build a practical plan of action beforehand and then make informed decisions in real-time.

The solution to take advantage of growing redundancy capabilities is companies working together to ensure connectivity. Essentially, communications connectivity is a bridge that must be built; otherwise companies cannot take full advantage of available technology.

Be Part of the Solution

Right now, a significant issue facing our members is building infrastructure for pipeline communication.

The technology is available. The data is ready to be collected. However, the infrastructure is not yet built. Together, we can work together to solve this challenge.