The Importance of Professional Development in SCADA

The educational concept of “learning by doing” was popularized by American philosopher John Dewey, who believed that education should be relevant and practical for individual growth.

The ENTELEC user organization follows a similar model with our ENTELEC conferences, especially when it comes to SCADA professional development. During these conferences, we provide SCADA learning opportunities that include hands-on training, workshops, forums, and valuable interaction.

In May, our organization held the annual ENTELEC Spring Conference & Expo in Houston that included several educational and training sessions geared towards SCADA. Now, we are actively building the education program for our Fall Seminar Series scheduled for October 11-12 in Odessa, Texas.

Why Should SCADA Professionals Invest Time in Professional Growth?

Learning from each other in an active environment helps individuals grow professionally. By investing time in training and networking opportunities, you will increase your knowledge, job security, and value to your company.

Also, gaining different perspectives and connecting with industry experts outside the scope of your company is important for any SCADA professional to ensure that you are constantly growing and not stagnant in your current role.

Then, after receiving useful information and gaining valuable experience in a professional development setting, you can immediately apply this learning at your company.

How Does the ENTELEC Community Support SCADA Professionals?

ENTELEC is made up of industry professionals who are deeply committed to cultivating a community of thought leaders through education and shared knowledge.

We believe this combination of education, hands-on learning opportunities, and practical application advances the careers of ENTELEC members, helps companies grow by understanding the latest industry challenges and trends, and pushes the energy telecom industry forward.

Whether you are an individual SCADA professional or a manager who would like to send your SCADA team to an ENTELEC Conference, we believe there are exceptional education and training opportunities for industry professionals.

Visit our website to find our more information regarding the Fall Seminar. Additionally, if your company is not already an ENTELEC member or if you need to renew your membership, please view our Corporate and Associate membership information.

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