Your Challenges Solved for Oil & Gas Networking in Houston

Whether you are an individual contributor in the oil & gas, energy, or telecommunications industry or if you are a manager/executive, you face a unique challenge deciding which Houston networking events provide the most value.

Perhaps you had a poor experience with oil & gas networking in Houston in the past. Or, you are uncertain whether you or your team will actually benefit from attending events. We are proud that ENTELEC addresses common networking concerns to ensure that you gain valuable knowledge, experience, and resources to apply directly to your company.

Which Oil & Gas Networking Challenges Apply to Your Situation?

Consider which of these five challenges apply to your situation and how ENTELEC addresses each challenge to ensure the most value for you or your team.

Networking Challenge #1: So Many Networking Options

We have found that industry professionals in Texas genuinely enjoy getting together to share ideas and information. But, which event or conference is the best fit for your needs?

There are large gatherings such as the annual ENTELEC Spring Conference & Expo in Houston, and there are smaller gatherings such as lunch-and-learns that have similar networking opportunities in a more intimate setting.

Fortunately, we believe that ENTELEC achieves the best of both worlds.

We host a large gathering at the ENTELEC Spring Conference & Expo, but within that forum, we have breakout sessions that allow for personalized interaction and discussion with industry leaders.

We also will be hosting our annual Fall Seminar Series in Odessa, Texas this year. Our fall conference usually takes place in a smaller venue, attracts remote participants, and includes collaborative breakout sessions that allow for engagement with industry peers. The result is being able to talk about your company’s real challenges to get real answers.

Networking Challenge #2: Are These Events a Good Use of Time?

You could sum up oil & gas networking in Houston as an input/output relationship. What you put in is what you will get out. If you walk into a conference or send your team to a conference not expecting to get much out of the event, then they won’t find much value.

However, if you expect to gain valuable knowledge or even find a solution to solve your company’s existing problem, then you will see positive results.

We are proud of the track record of our member organization connecting companies with other companies to solve real problems and find solutions they can readily apply in the field.

Networking Challenge #3: Exposing Ourselves to Competitors?

A third common reason why companies are hesitant to engage in networking events is the possibility of exposing your products or services to competitors.

Sure, there are some conferences where companies send team members mainly to scout the competition and try to discover trade secrets to bring back to their company. That is not the spirit of ENTELEC.

At ENTELEC, the gathered companies and professionals might be competitors, but at the end of the day, the spirit of our organization is shared learning to grow our respective industries. It is about moving forward in a respectful manner to ensure that everyone grows, even as competitors.

Networking Challenge #4: How Do I Justify Attending a Conference to My Boss?

If you are an individual contributor who wants to gain knowledge to pour back into your company, congratulations! You are ahead of the game wanting to grow in your profession and secure your future in the industry.

One of the best ways to justify attending a networking event in Houston is relaying the key benefits to your company if you participate.

For example, when your company becomes an ENTELEC member, you gain a discounted rate to the ENTELEC Conference & Expo, free access to unique educational opportunities such as webinars and lunch-and-learns, and the chance to participate in the Regulatory & Technology Committee.

Networking Challenge #5: How Do I Justify Sending My Team to a Conference?

If you are a manager or executive considering sending your team to an oil & gas networking event in Houston, then you are positioned to jump ahead of your competition.

These events are a unique opportunity for your individual contributors to gain tremendous knowledge and experience, then bring those resources back into your company.

Related to ENTELEC, we offer a Corporate Membership to companies that employ personnel in the telecommunications, automation, electrical power, information processing systems, or allied fields. We help these individual contributors grow in their profession to deliver results for your company.

Consider Becoming an ENTELEC Member

We believe we offer the best value for oil and gas networking in Houston through our annual ENTELEC Conference & Expo and other membership events throughout the year.

If you are an individual contributor who wants to encourage your superior to register your company for ENTELEC membership, or if you are a manager who is ready to register your team, then you can learn more about how to start the application process today.

We look forward to hearing from you as we continue to provide valuable resources to industry professionals to keep growing in their profession and growing their companies.

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