5 Tips for Professional Growth in Oil & Gas

Throughout your career, you may find yourself looking for professional growth opportunities in the oil & gas industry, especially in the central hub of Houston.

What you may not realize is that ENTELEC is here to support you on that journey. ENTELEC members come together on a regular basis to network, collaborate on committees, and spread industry awareness. Membership is the perfect platform to connect to a knowledge base that will help grow your capabilities and increase your professional value.

What are the Best Sources for Professional Growth?

Consider these five tips to support your quest to grow professionally.

1. Start With Networking

Take a look at the ENTELEC membership roster (only available to current members). Industry contacts are often one of the most valuable components to help you grow professionally and possibly even gain important relationships for your business. Consider reaching out to fellow ENTELEC members in your industry to gain insight on the latest trends.

2. Read the Latest News

Take time to read up on the latest industry news, trends, and company developments. (P.S. We think our blog is a great place to start.) Industry news will give you an idea of where capital and resources are being directed, helping you gauge the current conditions of your industry to know how you can provide value to your company.

3. Attend an Industry Conference

One of the advantages of attending an industry conference is meeting face-to-face with colleagues and industry experts that you otherwise would not be able to encounter in your workday. This is a great opportunity to learn about industry developments and the latest technology that impacts your role.

4. Evaluate Education Options

Education is a critical piece of the ENTELEC association. We believe that continuous learning is essential for our members to remain leaders in their industry. Depending on your schedule, budget, and industry, you should evaluate formal education programs to find the right option to support your professional growth.

5. Serve on a Committee

As you gather more knowledge to grow professionally, you should also consider applying your expertise. Consider joining an oil & gas industry committee to expand your network pool, provide valuable input, and develop essential leadership skills.

Opportunities Available to Serve on ENTELEC Committee

ENTELEC is looking for members to volunteer on our committees, which consist of Technical, Regulatory, Marketing, Associate Membership, Corporate Membership, and Scholarship.

Committee service represents a unique opportunity to grow professionally and add value to your company. When you are ready to apply for committee service, simply complete our Volunteer Application form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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